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TEMPE DRAFT: Preseason Power Rankings

By Adam Butler | Tempe Media Associate

What’s up Tempe, ya boy Vanilla Thunder is back and excited for this Fall season of Ultimate Hoops. Let’s get into this weeks power rankings. Without team names up on the website, we’ll go by team captains. 

1. Team Warren: Whoever drafted this team must have known what they were doing. Last round sleeper Rausul Mitchell and former Defensive Player Of the Year Dakota Browning-Dudley will be the X-Factor in this teams success. 

2. Team Casey: The 3 Amigos are back this season and have put together quite a dangerous squad this time around. Bringing in newcomer Aaron Oakes was a clutch move and will provide some athleticism and rebounds. Question is: Can Xavier Sanchez and Dakota Fleming be able to coexist? We’ll see. 

3. Team Jimmy: Jimmy Dominguez put together the tallest squad in the league with only Mike Harrison bringing down the height average. This team will have no problem getting rebounds and that’s a fact. 

4. Team Dwayne: Dwayne Duncan did an excellent job at his first time as captain. Brought back his BFF and former Tempe MVP Masih, and pairing him with local legends Branden Holmes and Mike Herz. Unless their chemistry or something else goes horribly wrong, I could see this team rising in the rankings quickly. 

5. Team Cam: Cam/Mike/Remy are reuniting with their OG ST3s days for the 3rd straight season. X-Factor here will be Justin De Windt. Will he play his role? What is his role? I’m very interested. Check back next week.

6. Team Kenem: Kenem picked up the obvious choice for the number one pick besides myself in Lionel Pehoua. An absolute machine in all aspects of the game. Besides Lionel, there’s not much offensive fire power unless Jesse Brittain decides to bring back the lefty flamethrower. 

7. Team KC: I mean, someone had to be last. KC was given a gift by Jordan falling to him with the 7th overall pick. Pros: Probably the biggest front court in the league. Cons: I only know 2 players KC picked and the rest are up in the air. I expect many lobs to be thrown between Jordan Sisk and Cam Badgett. 

Alright Tempe, that’s it for me for today. Hope everyone has a great opening day. Good luck!

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