We Have a New Number One


Raleigh: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

1. Lifetime Rebels

With another win in the column the Rebels jumped up two spots this week. With back-to-back wins, lights-out shooting and complete rebounding domination the Rebels are up to the number-one spot for the first time this season.  

2. The Heat

The Heat took their first loss of the season last week. Even with the loss the Heat didn’t move that far down the rankings. The Heat were missing all their bigs which hurt them on the boards. If the Heat have their full roster they have a good chance of getting back in the winners column. 

3. Raleigh Elite

Even after a tough loss last week Raleigh Elite didn’t move too much. It was a hard-fought game that they were up by 10 with four minutes to go but it just wasn’t their night. They have a big game this week let’s see how they respond to their first loss of the season. 

4. The Defenders

Stay at the fourth spot even after knocking off the undefeated Heat. This team has the right pieces and the talent. Maybe in the second half of the season they will be able to crack the top three spots or maybe even take number one. 

5. Unsigned Hype

They came out the gate guns blazing and strapping up on defense last week putting up so many points in the first half and shut their opponents down to where the game was over with 12 minutes left in the first half. I’m hoping to see that same intensity and effort this week form these guys. 

6. D.R.

This team is hands down the that one team nobody wants to play because they do all the little things that get under your skin. Also that’s what makes them so dangerous because they can still shoot the 3, penetrate and finish and pound the paint. 

7. The Monstars

The Monstars remain the same. For some reason they just can’t get everything going right each game. At moments they are moving the ball, pushing the ball and finishing then at times the balls gets stuck and everyone watches. Hopefully they can figure it out and put together a few wins consecutively. 

8. Kings

I’m not sure if the Kings were completely intimidated by the other team last week or if they just can’t get on the same page. On paper these guys have the talent but on the court it just doesn’t seem to work together. I still think they will be able to get everything together and pull off a few upsets.