Plenty of Close Matchups Heading into Week 4

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AUSTIN: Week 4 Predictions

By K. Scott | Austin League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Austin Heat vs. Shots Fired

This game will be a battle of two winless teams desperate to get their first victory of the season. The Heat have been having issues with players being available to actually play in games. They haven’t had their full squad together for one game yet. Shots Fired on the other hand has been building a little chemistry as of late. They look like they are ready to take advantage of a struggling team.

Prediction: Shots Fired wins 81-78

8 p.m. - Team Finesse vs. Arsenal

This game will be a big test for Arsenal. Although Team Finesse is coming off of a poor shooting night and a really close loss, we are interested to know how they will respond to it. Our guess is that they will come out firing. However, Arsenal has proven that they can win in different ways, whether it’s with defense, exploiting mismatches, or having various players carry the load offensively. This game will be tight all the way through.

Prediction: Arsenal wins 91- 86

9 p.m. - Professors vs. N.U.K.

The Professors are searching for their first win, but they won’t get it this week. The N.U.K.s are not going to lose to a team that is struggling. The Professors are in a slump that they can’t overcome. Richard Ekeke can’t carry them for another week. In addition, Ignacio Garcia and Anthony Davenport are playing really well right now and the Professors don’t have an answer for it. Sadly, they drop to 0-4.

Prediction: NUKs wins 97- 83


10 p.m. - Lifetime Elite vs. The Blaze

This is the game of the week. LE is undefeated and will get to face off against their former big man Ira Clark that left them hanging to form his own team. Josh Twine has equaled his production so far, but how will they fair in a head-to-head battle. LE has a little more chemistry, but the Blaze has the twin towers.

Prediction: Lifetime Elite wins 85-77

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