One Team on the Rise while a Familiar Face Stays atop the Ranks


ROSEVILLE: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Devyn Harrell | Roseville Media Associate

1. Ducks (3-0) 

The Ducks remain in the top spot thanks to their 3-0 record. They haven’t really outpaced the league in any specific category, but the veteran leadership of Darius Wright continues to put this team in position to win games.

They are second in the league in field-goal percentage and are leading the league in free throw attempts and makes, attempting an outlandish eight more free throws than any other team. Thanks to their ability to get to the line while taking and making high quality shots, makes this team very difficult to beat.

2. Dirty Birds (2-1) 

At 2-1, the Dirty Birds may appear as a shocking second ranked team. However, their only blemish came from a three point defeat to the top ranked Ducks in Week 1. Behind the sharpshooting of MVP hopeful and Roseville Ultimate Hoops all-time scoring leader Aaron Hendricks, this team is hitting on all cylinders. They have still yet to play a game with their entire roster, so the best is yet to come. Rookie of the year candidate Kelli Goodman continues to perform on the offensive end (27.7 ppg) providing a nice compliment to Hendricks.

The Dirty Birds have lost Devyn Harrell for 4-6 weeks with a broken foot. Despite the career year he was having, Harrell’s presence on the court will largely be missed due to what he brings as a leader and a teammate. Scoring 111 points per game (15 more than next highest) this team is an offensive juggernaut and should be considered a championship contender.

3. Hornets (3-0) 

The Hornets have benefited from an extremely easy schedule to this point, with an opponent record of 3-6, and a combined point per game average of 64.6. While this is no fault of their own, as they are simply winning the games that they should win, you can’t feel confident or sold on a team that has yet to be tested.

Casares and Sargent continue to put up big numbers, albeit against less than stellar competition. The league has a bye week this week, but following the bye the Hornets will finally face off with a strong opponent as they draw the Ducks in what will be a game that finally allows us to see who the Hornets really are.

4. Mustangs (2-1) 

Ian Bey is in the conversation for rookie of the year and leads a team full of energetic and gritty players. Cameron Knight, Mike Cucicea and Alon Price have all proven more than capable perimeter defenders. However, they have all had their fair share of struggles on the offensive end through the first part of this season.

If the Mustangs are to make any kind of playoff push in the second half, Bey will need one of these three to find some consistency while taking on a more prominent role in the offense.

5. Eagles (1-2) 

Trevor McGhee has faced his most challenging season to date and has responded admirably. The back to back champ and MVP isn’t letting his lack of a supporting cast deter him from an improbably three peat as MVP. McGhee is averaging 32 points, 8.7 assists, 6.7 rebounds, 2 steals while also shooting 100 percent from the free-throw line.

The Eagles will need more of the same if they are to make this season a successful one. Look for a possible trade before the deadline in an attempt to bring in more help for McGhee moving forward.

6. Wildcats (1-2) 

Erik Kagan is playing some of the best basketball of his career (25 points, 5.5 rebounds, 5.5 assists) and this should have translated into relative success for this team as Kagan was expected to be a solid number two to JD Smith this preseason.

JD Smith has largely disappointed through the first few games averaging only 16 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist. This team needs JD Smith to wake up and start playing like he’s capable of because Kagan can not be expected to sustain this type of productivity through an entire season.

7. Bulldogs (0-3) 

The Bulldogs just acquired Dwayne Childs I’m an effort to help alleviate some of the overwhelming pressure that had been placed on Hunter Hammond. Rookie of the year a season ago, Hammond was not ready to lead his own team this season and has struggled to an 0-3 start. Childs’ presence should be felt immediately which will help Hammond settle back into his comfort zone. The Bulldogs have a favorable second half schedule and could make a run.

8. Wolves (0-3) 

Herman Johnson is finding out quick it’s not as easy to win in Roseville as it is in Folsom. The veteran guard is having trouble on both ends of the floor and getting very inconsistent production from his teammates.

I have all the confidence in the world in Herm’s ability to lead and to motivate and am not quite ready to write the Wolves off just yet. However, the recipe for success in Folsom, will most certainly not get it done in Roseville. This team needs to hit the drawing board.