Jay Harris and the Hooligans Remain No. 1

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SYOSSET: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator


1. Hooligans (3-0)

The Hooligans once again are the last team standing with an undefeated record. They are coming off a big win over Let’s Do This Again in week three and will look to carry that momentum into week four. Top to bottom the Hooligans are the arguably the most complete team in the league. They check off all the boxes that you would want for a well-rounded team. They can defend, shoot, rebound, attack the basket and beat you in multiple ways.

Jay Harris might be the best player on the team, but he doesn’t even lead the team in scoring. Yasha Tehrani leads the way scoring 18 per game while Harris sets everyone up averaging 7 assists per game.

2. Ballerz (2-1)

The Ballerz have fought their way back after their week one loss. They have won two straight now and in both wins they had to play well down the stretch of really close games. Mike Seff has been leading the way as the captain of the Ballerz averaging 24 points per game. Cedric Wallace has done his job rebounding the ball and guys on the perimeter have defended well.

This team has a lot of guys who can play well on the perimeter and guard on the perimeter making them versatile. However, the best insurance policy is Cedric blocking and changing shots in the paint.

3. Let’s Do This Again (2-1)

Let’s Do This Again is coming off their first loss of the season to the Hooligans. In that game they shot absolutely horrible from three-point range. They shot 1-21 from behind the arc and that isn’t going to get the job done for a team that relies on outside shooting and transition offense. They had a rough night, but I am not ready to give up on this team after one bad game to a good team.

Adam Sutton and Jared Wulfow have been a solid one two-punch to this point and they are still trying to figure out how to play with one another. Once they get on the same page they will be a better team.

4. Dream Team (2-1)

The Dream Team is coming off a tough win over the Walking Dead and their effort on defense this season has been the difference for this team. They are second in the league in points allowed. Two times this season they have held teams to under 50 points and that’s always a good sign in this league.

Offensively they are playing well as a team and getting help from a lot of guys. Chris Albano leads the way, but guys like Larry Johnson and James Whitfield have stepped up scoring the ball and hitting open looks when they get them. The Dream Team is a sneaky team that could make a run.

5. Walking Dead (0-3)

The Walking Dead are 0-3, but their record doesn’t really indicate what this team really is. They have lost some really close games and one in triple overtime. They do a lot of things well as a team and rank in the middle of the league in a lot of categories. They just haven’t been able to get that big stop when they need it the most in big situations. Despite being 0-3 I think this team could get back on track and get back to .500 before the season ends.

6. Shooting Stars (0-3)

The Shooting Stars have had some bad luck through the first few weeks of the season. They lost their number-one overall pick to an injury in Week 1 and others just haven’t been available. With all that they have played pretty well and have been in some close games.

They should be getting Justin Dattolo back very soon and with him back out there it will change everything. With Dattolo out there it adds another ball handler to take the pressure off Alain Wehder and it will open things up for others.

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