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GILBERT DRAFT: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

It’s Week 4 in Gilbert and all we can say for sure is Christian & Adam are right on track for another dominant season and Bombers could use some help soon, in whatever form they can get it.  Otherwise, it’s one big near-.500 soup.  With Brent Woods already in costume for these Halloween games (hence the Eddie Lacy nod), let’s dive into the rankings.

1. Drip Too Hard (3-0)

(See Intro). Shoutout to Darycke Brisby, who leads all of Gilbert in rebounds at 17 per game. Get well soon Keith Anderson and get back on the title hunt 

2. Generation Z (2-1)

Thomas Aranda, you’re finally winning this writer over with a couple W’s, so, with records all similar, we’ll give you and the JV squad a bump near the top.

3. Road Runners (2-1)

Torn between RR and Full Court Pressure, but these guys just won the head-to-head pretty breezily, so Tae Fox finally gets some love.  Now let’s just get that guaranteed 70-piece in Fox!

4. Full Court Pressure (2-1)

Seth Wampler may not be a father yet, but we were reminded recently of his status as the “Dime Daddy”, and he (third in assists) and Terrill Clayburne (third-highest PPG) have been quite the deadly duo on the perimeter, while Chris Allen has held the fort down inside (fifth in rebounds AND blocks).  These guys will be a tough beat.

5. Terror Squad (1-2)

Only 1-2 but when it did finally click in that win, this last week, these guys looked borderline unstoppable.  Monte Jones and Calvin Logins Sr were the driving forces in TS’s attack, especially on offense, but the whole crew looks to be humming.

6. D4G (1-2)

They may be Destined for (4?) Greatness, but they’re not quite there yet, though Carlos Nosie is still playing like a man possessed and Erick Booker is providing valuable veteran leadership.

7. The Chris Walkers (1-2)

C’mon fellas…perfect name, but let’s turn up and do the Red Mamba proud(er). Talent is there, but chemistry’s been borderline nonexistent, though the offensive onslaught of Richard Waldron, Omar Duran, and James Slabaugh could prove tough to keep up with, and Melvin Orji creeps higher and higher up the all-time blocks rankings (just one away from No. 1 in Gilbert Draft history).

8. Bombers (0-3)

Let’s talk next week...

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