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AJAX: Week 3 Predictions

By Chad Hines | Ajax League Coordinator

8:30 p.m. – OG’s vs. No Flex Zone

This week we have a rematch of the epic semifinals that went down over the Summer Season. A game that was decided by one point and literally came down to the last second! This grudge match will start off our early season Week 3 matchup for this Fall Season. OG’s are still in search of their first official win of the season, while No Flex Zone will be trying to earn its second win of the fall campaign.

This game has classic written all over it, and it will definitely be a game that will more than likely come down to the last shot last second all over again. OG’s have a couple new pieces on their roster this season, and will be looking to utilize their knack for working the ball around and knocking down open jumpers. No Flex Zone, will stick to their winning formula of Bully Ball, and will look to wear down the smaller OG squad with their size. Justin Lindo has been a man possessed to start this season, and OG’s will have their hands full trying to keep him both off of the foul line and score sheet.

Prediction: Chad Hines is betting on the NFZ to come up with their second win in a row in what will be a very close contested game.


9:30 p.m. – Sounders FS vs. Triple Threat

The late night game is a game that has two teams playing two completely different styles of basketball. Triple Threat are just that, a Triple Threat from behind the arc in a fast, west-coast Seven Seconds or Less Offense, while the Sounders are a team that depends on steady drives to the rim, looking to get to the free throw line and have the game move a slower more steady pace.

This game will be interesting, especially if Triple Threat are knocking down threes like they did in their Week 1 matchup. The youthfulness of Triple Threat will have to keep their focus for this matchup, as the veterans of the Sounders will look to use their craftiness and their hard-nose grit to slow the young guys down. We will either see a barn burner or a blowout. The Sounders are the only undefeated team in the league, while the Triple Threat are coming off a Week 2 loss that probably stung a little more than they would’ve liked.

Prediction: Chad Hines is predicting that the Sounders will come through with another win, and continue the unbeaten streak.

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