New Comers Face Tough Matchups


DALLAS: Week 3 Predictions

By Travis Hill | Dallas Media Associate


6:30 P.M. - Free Agents (0-1) v Backyard All-Stars (1-1)

BYA came into the season looking to show why they believed they should’ve hoisted the league trophy a month ago, however as they eyed an early season win streak they found themselves thwarted by the Saggy Jammers in Week 2.  Look for the to take out their frustration on the Free Agents in Week 3.  The Free Agents just cannot catch a break in the early goings of this season as they are set to take on the No. 2-ranked team from the power rankings for the second week in a row.  This contest looks to be all BYA.

 Prediction: BYA 93, Free Agents 71


7:30 P.M. - Dem Boyz (1-1) v Side Hustle (1-1)

Dem Boyz got the chance to recalibrate in Week 2 against the Free Agents in Week 2, but their Week 3 match up against Side Hustle will certainly be a much tougher contest.  Side Hustle will look to correct their Week 2 woes, and if they can put together two good shooting halves instead of just one they’ve got a good chance at pulling out the win.  However, that is not a likely scenario for Side Hustle, as Dem Boyz looks to come out on top in this one.

Prediction: Dem Boyz 96, Side Hustle 85

8:30 P.M. - The Shockers (1-1), Saggy Jammers (2-0)

Both the Shockers and the Saggy Jammers have balanced scoring attacks with each starter in this contest averaging double digit scoring through the first two games. The Jammers advantage is disrupting their opponent’s offensive rhythm with their ball pressure.  This tactic should come in handy against a Shockers team that can get a little out of control and trigger happy during certain stretches of game play.  If the Jammers can keep the ball out of Martin Salinas’ hands once the Shockers cross half court then they should be on their way to 3-0.

Prediction: Saggy Jammers 81, The Shockers 77


9:30 P.M. - The Mourning Crew (0-1) v Scoregasms (1-1)

While the Mourning Crew looked solid in their first outing, the Scoregasms have been at it too long in this league to let a team of rookies take them down in their second game.  Look for the Scoregasms to move to 2-1 while handing the Mourning Crew their second consecutive loss in Week 3.

Prediction: Scoregasms 85, The Mourning Crew 80

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