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TEMPE DRAFT:  Week 4 Predictions

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Tempe Media Associate

After tonight’s games we will be halfway through the season.  It’s really starting to become clear which teams are legit contenders and which are just pretenders.  

8 p.m. - Slice ‘N Dice vs Divine Intervention 

Slice ‘n Dice has two chances to get their first win of the season tonight. Their first matchup comes against a Divine Intervention who has been on a roll, winning three straight since Lionel made his Tempe Draft debut. I’m gonna take Divine Intervention to keep the win streak going.

Prediction: Divine Intervention by 18

8 p.m. - FndF vs Not Going

Coming as no surprise to anyone who has watched them play, FndF is last in the league in assists per game. With the lack of ball movement on this team it’ll be hard for me to pick them winning over anyone.  Especially against a team that has better isolation players like Not Going.

Prediction: Not Going by 9

9 p.m. - Shooting Slumps vs West Side Connected

The 87 ppg scoring Shooting Slumps finally got into the win column last week.  This week they take on West Side Connected, led by what appears to be the real life Tupac (Jordan Sisk).  This game should be high scoring due to the low performing defenses of both teams.  I’ll take the team with more reliable scoring offenses in a shootout.

Prediction:  Shooting Slumps by 6

9 p.m. - Slice ‘N Dice vs Keepin’ it a Bean

Tough break for Slice ‘N Dice getting the top two teams in the league on the same night.  Keepin’ it a Bean leads the league in points, where Slice ‘N Dice holds down the opposite end of the spectrum scoring the least points per game.

Prediction:  Keepin’ it a Bean by 12

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