Four Teams Look for their First Win this Week


WEST BLOOMFIELD REC: Week 2 Predictions

By Joe Kassis | West Bloomfield League Coordinator

6 p.m. – El Fuego (0-1) vs. Fast Break (1-0)

Chris Brown, Marcus Hardy, and Ayrn Curtis did their best impression of a "Big 3" last week and with their uptempo play, size, and athleticism, should be a tough matchup for most every team on a weekly basis.  El Fuego will counter with Tyler Croteau and Shockeem Jarrett at the guard positions, but Fast Break as just a little too much athleticism in this one.  

Prediction: Fast Break 68 - El Fuego 62

7 p.m. – Summer 19 (1-0) vs. Kickstand Brewery (0-1) 

One of the more impressive duos of Week 1 was Aaron Hakala and Gage Throgmorton as they led their team defensively and offensively in a Week 1 win.  Kickstand Brewery struggled in week 1 but was missing two potential impact players whose status is unknown at this point.  With full rosters this should be a hotly contested match, with the edge to Summer 19 as we saw their full roster in Week 1. 

Prediction: Summer 19 71 - Kickstand Brewery 61

8 p.m. – Carrington Realtors (0-1) vs. Showtime (1-0) 

Showtime definitely seems to have the talent advantage in this matchup as Tyler Warga, Greg Ristau,and Karl Seyers provide a lot of punch offensively.  Carrington Realtors plays hard from minute 1 to minute 40 and is going to steal a game they don't have any business winning at some point this session...just not this week.  

Prediction: Showtime 65 - Carrington Realtors 57

9 p.m. – Elite AllStars (0-1) vs. CG Cement (1-0) 

The nightcap features the leagues #1 team in CG Cement who has already distanced themselves as a huge favorite to win out.  With multiple lights out shooters surrounding dominate big man Anthony Kann (Western Michigan), CG should be well on their way to a 2-0 start taking on the Elite AllStars Sunday night.  

Prediction: CG Cement 93 - Elite All-Stars 72