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PALM VALLEY: Week 3 Predictions

Another Sunday, another evening of Ultimate Hoops in the West Valley. No costumes allowed unfortunately, but still expect some thrilling action.

5 P.M. - HitMen (1-1) Vs. YLie (1-2)

To open the festivities we have two teams still looking to catch their stride and work our the kinks before we get down the stretch. Both sides will be without their captains for this one as Adam Hamilton is in Vegas for a tournament and Xavier Carter is still absent for YLie.

For the HitMen, KJ Davis and Manning Watts will be asked to do most of the heavy lifting against Travis Payton and Isaiah Lopez as they are the fuel for YLie. Newcomer to the league Jimmie Scott will be the one asked to fill Adam’s spot and is more than capable of matching his output when on his game. The OG Kietrick Brown will be key for YLie as he is a 20/10 game in the waiting.

Pick: HitMen by 5

6 P.M. - Always Reppin (1-1) Vs. Laces & Braces (0-2) 

Alan Mitchell’s draft wisdom showed last week as James Pupillo put up 47 in his sides first W and this week will be asked for more as they encounter their doubleheader. L&B is still trying to get elusive Win #1 and this will not be an easy one to take.

Frank Contreras has the support in Darrylon Lane and Jacque Collins, the trio will have to be on point tonight tough. They will be without the GOAT, Vinnie Thepsourinthone as he is in Vegas as well for a tournament. Tristan Patrick has been a key contributor through two weeks and it’s safe to say we can expect that production again. 

Pick: Always Reppin’ by 7

7 P.M. - Buckets & Stops (0-2) Vs. Always Reppin’ (1-1)

Another team looking for its first win, B&S is looking to avoid a #Washed start as Lavoine West would say. Eric Green is not okay with losing and expect to see that show on the floor today. If those two as well as D.J. Hamilton can have good to great games, then they have their recipe to success. Always Reppin’ will be on the their second game so the energy may be on B&S’ side for this one, they still have come ready to play though. 

Pick: Buckets & Stops by 3

8 P.M. - Free Smoke (2-0) Vs. Hard Work (2-0) 

To finish we have the Game of the Week in a matchup of the last two unbeaten teams. Free Smoke has been tough behind staples Tyler Gibbs and Sean Boston but has also received key contributions from Namdi Hope-Eziegbo and George Halloway Jr. I don’t buy into their small margins of victory as a negative but actually a positive as it shows their ability to win close games.

For Hard Work and Cap Jason Jefferson, newbie Kasey Ruiz has been at an MVP level in his first season. Combined with lethal guards Shawn Scott and Gabriel Cunningham, this team has arguable the best core in all of PV. There are ballers all over in this matchup and it’s going to simply come down to who is on their A-game tonight. 

Pick: Hard Work by 2