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WESTWOOD: Week 3 Predictions

By David Jordan | Westwood Media Associate

It’s Week 3 in Burlington! With tension running high, everyone has been eager to get back onto the court. Some are looking to build on their stellar starts, others are looking to have some respect put on their names. With Halloween right around the corner, we’ll get an early look at who folks are pretending to be. With that being said, nothing is more frightening in this league than starting 0-3. Unfortunately, that’s going to become a reality for someone this week. Let’s take a look at this week’s matchups.

7 p.m. – Ea$y Money (2-0) vs. Spartans (0-2)

Ea$y Money comes into Week 3 as an extremely early favorite to win it all in Westwood. They’ve gotten off to a hot start with a team that seems to compliment each other. The Spartans haven’t quite gotten to where they desire to be, and unfortunately are running into a well-oiled machine in Ea$y Money. My guess is they don’t turn things around this week.

Prediction: Ea$y Money

7 p.m. – Ruff Ryders (2-0) vs. Posterized (0-2)

GAME. OF. THE. WEEK! Ruff Ryders are riding high after improving to 2-0 with a major win against Ballaz Club. Posterized on the other hand is still looking for its first win of the season. At this point, these two teams are headed in two different directions. Ruff Ryders really can only improve on what’s been a stellar start to their season. Posterized however, came in as a a team to be reckoned with on paper. They struggled in the first two games and need to avoid going 0-3. The matchups in this game favor Posterized, but it seems like Ruff Ryders are going to find a way to thrive, even when we don’t expect them to.

Prediction: Ruff Ryders

8 p.m. – All Style (1-1) vs. Beast Mode (1-1)

This game may be end up being much better than I’m going to give it credit for, but I believe if Duke shows up, this won’t be much of a competition. After what I saw from Beast Mode in Week 1, I just can’t bring myself to pick them as a favorite to win the game. With that being said, when Jean Romulus shows up to play, he shows up. He’s the x- factor in this game, but we don’t know what Jean we’ll get.

Prediction: All Style

8 p.m. – Legacy (2-0) vs. Ballaz Club (0-2)

Everything in me wanted to make this game of the week, just based on the names in the matchup. I just couldn’t find a way to justify doing that with one team being 0-2. Moreover, I’m unclear on status if Ballaz Club's team status after last week’s post game fisticuffs. Either way, I’m leaning towards Legacy, as I believe they have enough to be able to win against anybody. Never thought I’d see an 0-3 Ballaz club team, but as Kevin Garnett once told us, “Anything is Possible.”

Prediction: Legacy

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