Chess Move Gone Wrong?


CHAMPIONS: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Kevin Gill | Champions Media Associate

1. Alliance (1-0)

Alliance will continue to hold my No. 1 spot in the power rankings after a convincing win on Thursday. Scary that they were able to dominate like that without Duke Reed and especially move the ball so well minus Mackey. This team is more loaded than a baked potato #sheesh

2. Lake Houston Live (1-0)

Lake Houston Live was live in effect! I’m very tempted to bump them up in the power rankings seeing how easy it was for them Eddie Peterson was dominant for any over the floor. Anthony Nunn was unconscious.😑 This all happened without Robert Ferguson and Cameron Anthony Craft what is the league gonna do with them?

3. Bulletts (0-1)

Donte Mathis, MR. PPR, is still a PROBLEM! I don’t see anyone slowing him down. I don’t believe Larry Mooney will have another game like he did on Thursday, so the Bulletts should be fine. 🏀❄️

4. Monstarz (0-1)

Not really sure what went wrong with the Monstarz, or when it happened for that matter. Charon Batiste has to figure out something quick. If he has a bad game this team has no chance.