Who will be the Final Undefeated Team Remaining?


SYOSSET VET: Week 3 Predictions

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator

Shooting Stars (0-2) vs Ballerz (1-1)

The Ballerz enter this week’s game on a high note with a lot of momentum from last week’s thrilling triple overtime win. They will now take on the Shooting Stars who are struggling. The Ballerz are the far superior team and the biggest difference in this game is going to be Cedric Wallace.

The Shooting Stars do not have anyone near the size and strength of Wallace to rebound the ball. Wallace should be able to control the boards and help the Ballerz control this game from start to finish. The x-factor for the Shooting Stars to stick around in this game is the three ball. If they can hit threes they can hang around long enough possibly to surprise everyone.

PICK: Ballerz

Dream Team (1-1) vs Walking Dead (0-2)

The Dream Team will be put to the test again this week against a Walking Dead team that is hungry for a win. The Walking Dead have come up just short in back-to-back weeks and they don’t want to be 0-3 to start the season. Both team’s matchup very well, but the key matchup in this game is Chris Albano and Tom Dimicelli.

Both are great scorers in this league and they should have a great head to head matchup. In the end I think the game comes down to the role players who can step up. The Walking Dead have stronger role players who can do more on the floor and I think that will be the difference in a close game.

PICK: Walking Dead


Hooligans (2-0) vs Let’s Do This Again (2-0)

Both teams enter this game undefeated looking to keep their undefeated records intact. Adam Sutton and Jay Harris have been facing off in this league for years and have had some great games. I expect another great game in this one. The matchup to watch in this game is Stephen Sombrotto and Adam Sutton. You can pretty much guarantee that Sombrotto will get the assignment to guard Sutton head to head. Sutton is Let’s Do This Again leading scorer and they need Sutton to score the ball to be successful.

The other matchup to watch is how Let’s Do This Again stops the size of Jay Harris. When Harris rebounds the ball the Hooligans usually win the game because they control the pace. In the end I think this a close game that comes down to the final few minutes. We’ll see who steps up in the biggest moments.

PICK: Hooligans

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