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GILBERT DRAFT: Week 3 Predictions

By Adam Butler | Gilbert Media Associate

Happy hump day Gilbert! It’s your boy AB and I’m back with some wild predictions for this week in Gilbert. Who comes out on top this week? 

7:30 p.m. - Road Runners vs. Full Court Pressure 

Sources tell me that Tae Fox is going to be trying to score 70 points in order to get a long-sleeve UH Las Vegas shirt from Dakota Browning-Dudley. That being said, Terril Claybourne and the gang won’t have as easy of a time this week as they did last week. I guess I have to assume Tae is gonna do it so I’m going with Full Court Pressure. 

Prediction: Full Court Pressure by 5

7:30 p.m. - Terror Squad vs. D4G 

Terror squad has yet to get a W, and D4G has cherrypicked their way to one win. Terror Squad has too much offensive fire power for Brent Woods to be cherry picking the whole game. As long as Carlos Nosie is hitting, I think it might be a close one. 

Prediction: Terror Squad by 11

8:30 p.m. - The Chris Walkers vs. Drip Too Hard 

Any team name that is named after THE “CW” will never have my vote, just out of spite. Even if it wasn’t out of spite, Drip Too Hard is too good. My namesake Adam Bickerstaff is looking for his 11th championship this season and this might be the team to get it. The Chris Walkers are just another bump in the road. 

Prediction: Drip Too Hard by 22

8:30 p.m. - Bombers vs. Generation Z

Okay, so here’s the thing…the Bombers are awful. Last week they scored 48 points on 67 shots. They’re last in every statistical category except for blocks, which is always a big yikes. It’s going to be a long season for them, and an easy Dub for Thomas Aranda and the boys. 

Prediction: Generation Z by 35

Good luck everyone! See you in Gilbert. 

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