Someone has to Win


RALEIGH: Week 3 Predictions

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

Raleigh Elite vs D.R.

Raleigh Elite comes into week 3 undefeated behind the play of captain Jonathan Denson, Joel Flowers and big man Bryan Federowicz while D.R. Is coming off a hard-fought loss last week each team like to work the midrange and post are but Raleigh Elite has the edge from behind the 3. 

Prediction: Raleigh Elite

Lifetime Rebels vs The Monstars

The Monstars added some firepower to their team last week with Kareem Triaki. The Lifetime Rebels have the 3-ball going and seem to grab every rebound that comes off the rim. This should be an interesting game. I want to see if the Harris brothers can keep that hot shooting going again this week after going 12-24 from behind the line. 

Prediction: Lifetime Rebels

Kings vs Unsigned Hype

Unsigned Hype still has the same core players from its championship team but it’s the new additions that seem to be throwing their chemistry off. I hope they can figure it out and get it back to the team from last season. The Kings have fought hard in every game so far they just keep falling short. If their whole team shows up and they can all play together they may be able to pull off the upset. 

Prediction: Unsigned Hype 

The Heat vs The Defenders

The Defenders have had an up and down season so far but look to correct it tonight against the Heat. Aaron Stable and Jonathan Ouegnin look to push the pace and force the Heat into playing their game. While the Heat look to continue their winning ways with guards Chase Tyler and Thomas Hunt both averaging over 20 points so far this season and big man Choo little who is just a huge mismatch for any team. 

Prediction: The Heat