Not So Fast


CHARLOTTE: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Justin Polley | Charlotte League Coordinator

Preseason No. 1 Nets fall, Warriors are idle, Lakers come from behind, Heat pull away, and Knicks squander nice lead…What else could happen in the Charlotte Draft League? WHO KNOWS.


The Warriors were idle, but with the Nets loss it allowed for the Warriors, the defending Champs, to move into the No. 1 spot. This week they take on the previous No. 1, Nets. We will find out if Ali’s revamped team is ready to stake claim to the No. 1 rankings


Led by Jerome Lynch and Rishawn Brown, the Heat put the league on notice that they can play and beat anyone. The Heat looks to me, to have a great inside an outside presence to continue to build victories off of for weeks to come. Heat take on the scrappy Knicks in a Week 2 battle.


Tim Hartman let the league know this past week, he hasn’t slowed down any from Summer League. His motor continues to run at a high volume. He helped lead an amazing second half comeback with Bakari Sellers last week, to get the Lakers a great OT Victory vs Knicks. Idle this week.


Despite a huge scoring output by Landon Beckwith, the Nets fell to a very good Heat team last week, dropping them from No. 1 to No. 4 in the power rankings. Besides Beckwith, the Nets couldn’t get a lot of offense out of anyone else on the roster. They look to rebound in Week 2 with a tough matchup vs Warriors.


First half, great team basketball. Second half, not as great team basketball. Those were two different teams we saw out there last Wednesday, but give credit to the Lakers and there on ball pressure in the second half. The Knicks did have a newcomer emerge as a nice scoring threat in, James Cochran. They will looks to get back on the winning track his week when they take on the scrappy Heat team.