No Debate Over New Rankings


SAN ANTONIO: Week 3 Power Rankings 

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Co-League Coordinator

7. Sicko Mode (0-1)

Their debut didn't quite go as planned, dropping a nasty 39 pointer to Reasonable Doubt. They were very competitive in the 1st half, exchanging leads with the talented RD, but after the halfway point, they were a light. Switching from zone to man didn't do them any favors, as the miscommunication in man seemed to be where it all fell apart. We're sure they want to forget this loss and concentrate their focus on trying to get a win in Week 2 against Pain. 

6. Pain (0-1)

They were off in Week 2, they'll get a chance to knock off the rust against Sicko Mode at 9:15 p.m. in Week 3. 

5. Bigger Than You (0-2)

Such high hopes for BIG, as they had a full roster and welcomed the addition of Chris Johnson, but they couldn't quite get the dub. They were picked to win this one, especially with Ether not boasting their No. 1 pick. They've fallen quite a bit since starting out in the No. 1 spot to start the season. They understandably had to get used to each other as it was their first time together as a full unit, but they'll need to rattle off some wins to get back up top. 

4. Reasonable Doubt (1-1)

RD went lights out to the tune of 64 percent from 3 in the second half against Sicko Mode. They also grabbed an amazing 19 offensive rebounds, and held their opponent to 41 percent from the field. They were noticeably irritated with their spot (#7) in the preseason power rankings, and it showed in Week 2. Should they play like this every week, they'll definitely be in the championship conversation. They've got Bigger Than You in Week 3. 

3. Hit Em' Up (1-1)

They dropped a 29-point loss to LOYALTY in Week 2. Durrell Norman did all he could with 24 points and 14 rebounds, and Jake Schifani noticeably stepped up in the absence of Devin Moore, but it just wasn't enough. They didn't look like a team, on either end of the ball. They'll need to just chalk it up as a bad game, and move on. They've got a bye in Week 3. 

2. Ether (2-0)

A great win over a fully-stacked and over-hyped Bigger Than You squad leaves Ether at 2-0. DJ Dubois had himself a game, as he earns Week 2's Performance of the Week. Even more impressive, as they were without No. 1 pick Jayquan Anderson as well. Gabe Taylor and Preston Jones' 20-plus point games didn't go un-noticed either, as an under-manned Ether fought hard to earn their win. They've got a date with the un-defeated LOYALTY in Week 3. 

1. #LOYALTY (2-0)

Loyalty remains No. 1 after a near 30-point win over Hit Em' Up. Loyalty has cruised to a 2-0 record so far, and it's no surprise based on their performance. With stellar play all the way around, especially from DaShun Dixon and Matt Kallead, leading their team in ppg, this team looks primed for a deep run. Seven of their eight players are averaging double-digit ppg, while they also average 23 assists a game as a team as well. Ball movement is key for them. They'll be tested this week against the undefeated Ether.