Monstars vs. Injured List could be a Championship Preview

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KING OF PRUSSIA: Week 3 Predictions | Monstars vs Injured list Game of the Week

By Kenny Brown | King of Prussia League Coordinator

7:30 p.m. - Monstars vs Injured List  

This game of the week matchup features two big time teams who put their rosters together for one reason and one reason only: to win the Fall Championship. The Monstars Captain Mike Sidebotham, Adam Kovacs, Kyle Dolby and Matt Hamscher will stop at nothing to get that banner up on the wall.

Standing in their way is the Injured List team who just lost possibly their best scorer in Jeff Miller to a ruptured calf. Can slashers Mike Zhadkevich and Eric Straub pick up the slack and will Chris Shelton aka Grump touch the ball enough to balance out the attack? This will be a game of will and possibly a championship preview.

Prediction: Monstars 68, Injured List  62

7:30 p.m. - King and Duck vs Sunline

This matchup features the reigning champs King and Duck, who have looked really good. So good that they might repeat as champions this season and win three of the last four league Championships. Does captain Marcus Gaskins have a dynasty in the making? Sunline will try their best to slow this well-oiled machine down with their depth as they go 10 deep and have the horses Donte McDaniel, Aaron Eubanks, Mark Lepine, and Shwan Hliwski to get it done. This game will a test of conditioning as the young guns from Sunline will try and wear down King and Duck. I smell an upset tonight….

Prediction:  Sunline  65, King and Duck 63 

8:30 p.m. - KOP’s Finest vs Maverace 

This matchup has KOP’s Finest coming off an impressive showing Week 2 with dominant guard play against a winless Team Maverace squad who seem to be close to putting together a win. The combination guards from KOP’s Finest Stephen Coachi and Mekhi Clemons are tough to handle and put non stop pressure on the defense will make it tough for the guards from team Maverace. This game might get out of hand early.

Prediction: KOP’s Finest  72,  Maverace  42

8:30 p.m. - Hit Squad  vs  Pippen Aint Easy 

This matchup features the Hit Squad, a team trying to find its groove that won them the Spring Championship and had teams scrambling to figure out how to stop them. Their recent play though has been anything but smooth, as they have lacked ball movement and continuity, something they will need to get back to the title game. Pippen Aint Easy has solid guard play with Joe Colangelo, Alex Riley and Floyd Preito and a great rebounder in Jeff Neubert, but lack a post presence. They rely in the deep shot and sometimes this may backfire and hurt the team. The size of Hit Squad will be a problem for them to handle and make it tough in the guards.

Prediction:  Hit Squad  72,  Pippen Aint Easy  57