Guess Who's Back, Back Again

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GREEN VALLEY OPEN: Week 2 Predictions

By Michael Palmer |Green Valley Media Associate

Ball 4 Life (0-1) vs. Flight Vegas (0-0)

Flight Vegas will open their season by facing Ball 4 Life in what will be a fast-paced contest. Flight Vegas should be packed with their usual suspects in Robert Sandoval, Cory Ford, Vernon Clemens, David Murtha and Brock Metzka. Meanwhile, Ball 4 Life, who lost by five points last week to the Villains, should rebound from last week and play a competitive game. Taurean Green scored 26 points last week and will be guarded like crazy, probably from Ford. Watch out for Milos Knezevic to make a huge statement as he'll most likely go against Clemens.

We'll probably see a lot of fouls in this one and the team that makes the most free throws may be the one that will win this game. Zach Dean only grabbed six boards last week and I know he'll be more aggressive and snatch the orange out of the hands of Flight Vegas. Josh Ross can score when he wants to and he needs to watch out on his fouls, but still guard Flight Vegas' bigger guys. I have a feeling Green and Clemens will go back-and-forth scoring often, but Green will shine for Ball 4 Life and capture and huge win.

Prediction: Ball 4 Life -4

JYD (0-0) vs. RudeDogs (0-1)

Jerome JYD Williams is back in business! Now that the Big 3 season is over, it's time to get back to work in the Ultimate Hoops league. What will we see out of JYD this season. Perhaps Anthony Livingston, Sean Watkins, Kirk Williams among other will suit up once again for JYD. We'll have to wait and see on Wednesday and I expect greatness out of them this season.

They'll face the RudeDogs, who lost last week to the UnderDogs. The RudeDogs will be without Tony Eackles Jr. for most of the season and will rely a lot of Leonard Mitchell lll and Matthew Darcel. The duo are pretty accurate shooters and needs to be aggressive a lot in this game. Nick Davis will have his hands full going against JYD's unit, but he won't back down and will do everything in his power to get past them. Hopefully Ben Carey will be clutch from downtown and be a monster from distance. I have JYD winning their first game of the season as Williams will grab at least 18-plus rebounds in this one.

Prediction: JYD -9

UnderDogs (1-0) vs. Villains (1-0)

Boy is this going to be a barnburner as Chase Skinkis and the Villains will face Duelle Thomas Gore and the UnderDogs in what will be the most competitive game of the week. The matchup of the UnderDogs' John Loyd will square off against a loaded Villains team. The Villains need to have all hands on deck when containing Loyd and it's not going to be easy. I can see potentially London Schneider trying to stop Loyd, especially in transition. Hopefully we'll see Schneider play the majority of the game and make a statement not only on defense, but also from the free throw line as he went 6-6 from the charity stripe last week. Loyd and Adam Rellah will be looking at knocking down some threes and must be on point as the Villains are a big-time defense team.

Jon-Ross Campeau of the Villains can also go on streaks of making three after three so we'll see how the UnderDogs play against the Villains' shooting threats. Andreu Johnson of the Villains will potentially guard the UnderDogs' Dario Jokic as both are electric on the floor and somewhat built the same. Of course we'll see Chase Skinkis be a huge facilitator and find Josh McCarver down low. The key difference in this game could be the matchup between McCarver and Gore. It's going to be a battle between those two and at the end of the game, I have the Villains winning a crucial game with them grabbing more boards than the UnderDogs.

Prediction: Villains -3.5