Get the Win Needs to Actually Get Some Wins


LAGUNA NIGUEL DRAFT: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Nick Brown | Laguna Co-League Coordinator

1. Hit the J (2-1)

Heading into the mid-point of the season, Hit the J is looking good. They could start to run away with it if they get a few more W’s in the next three weeks. Their only loss is way back in Week 1 and they haven’t looked back since.

Front man Mason Jones will look to keep his team sharp with getting everyone involved while still trying to put up big numbers. Tristen and the rest of the back court have kept a great pace for Hit the J and it has put them in the position to win which they have the last two weeks.

2. G.O.A.T. (2-1)

So far so good for Mr. Jordan and Mr. Cox. They look like they have been playing together for as long as Kobe was a Laker. Over the next few weeks look for GOAT to try and put teams away early and start stacking up easy W’s. Even if they don’t win, they still win for having the best team name!!

3. On the Rise (1-2)

Coming off a loss in their last two games, On the Rise can’t wait to get back in the win column. They did have to play the top two teams in the league the last two weeks, so the road hasn’t been easy. They have a strong group of ballers that can score so they will be back to getting W’s very soon. Nick Young and Caleb Walker will put this team on their backs and move them up very quickly. Look for On the Rise to keep running and gunning. Can they put up 100? We will see.

4. Get The Win (1-2)

Get the Win just needs to get a few wins and then a couple more. It can happen, will it? We will have to wait and see. Team leader Tommy Fausett hopefully has a plan for his team. Look for Rick Mendez to get hot from deep and Jesse Westgaard to be a beast in the paint.