Wildcats are in a Must-Win Situation

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BURLINGTON: Week 3 Predictions

By David Jordan | Burlington Media Associate

It’s Week 3 in Burlington, and we’re in for a good one. This week’s matchups are highlighted by a big 8 p.m. matchup, as Legendary faces the Wildcats. The Wildcats haven’t played up to their hype coming into the season, and desperately need a win, even if it’s only Week 3. Coming into Week 3, Burlington’s teams are already starting to separate themselves in terms of contenders and pretenders. If the The Wildcats want to be taken seriously, they will need to start with a win this week. Let’s check out this week’s matchups.

7 p.m. – $hmoney (2-0) vs. Reformation (1-1)

Reformation wants this one. Reformation needs this one. They are 1-1, but the win came via a forfeit. Jean Romulus has to take his team to the next level, and what better opportunity than against the defending champs. It won’t be an easy task, as $hmoney has proven that they are winners and won’t be taken down easily. I don’t think that changes this week.

Prediction: $hmoney

7 p.m. – Dream Team (2-0) vs. Wolves (0-2)

On any given night, any team can win. With that being said, this one has blow out written all over it. Dream Team is just too tough all around. Barring no injuries or absences, this game could get ugly, and early.

Prediction: Dream Team

8 p.m. – Fire (1-1) vs. The Rox (1-1)

Both teams come into the game with one win and one loss. Thomas Ugbesia is coming off of a great game, and looking to help the Rox shake things up in Burlington. However, Fire is coming off a one-point loss, and ready to take it out on whoever their next opponent is. The Rox may be in for a rough night.

Prediction: Fire

8 p.m. – Legendary (1-1) vs  The Wildcats (0-2)

GAME. OF. THE. WEEK! The team records may not show it, but don’t be deceived. This matchup is going to be a fun one. Wildcats have a talented roster but  are desperately in need of a win to avoid going 0-3. Legendary also has a talented roster, but still has much to prove. After forfeiting last week, they will have no excuses if they come out flat and hand the wildcats their first win.

Prediction: Wildcats