Villains Cruise to Victory in Green Valley Debut

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GREEN VALLEY OPEN: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

*Side Note: JYD and Flight Vegas received a bye week this week and will be given a proper ranking when they've played a game.

1. Villains (1-0)

Chase Skinkis brought his Villains from Summerlin (Jacob McDonald), to Green Valley as the Villains took care of business against Ball 4 Life with an 80-75 win. London Schnedier scored a team-high 21 points and made 50 percent of his shots. Andreu Johnson played an outstanding game getting 17 points while also getting five assists. Skinkis had some pretty good stats in this one getting 13 points, eight rebounds, five assists and three steals. He normally has a stat-filled game and expect him to have on each and every game. 

Jon-Ross Campeau will be a fine player for the Villains this season as he scored 12 points while Josh McCarver also scored 12 points. The Villains did all of this down by four at halftime and they never panicked. They also caused Ball 4 Life to turn the ball over 13 times and I know this defense will shine all season long.

2. UnderDogs (1-0)

Well, well, well how about the UnderDogs shutting down the RudeDogs? Duelle Thomas Gore scored 15 points on an incredible 24 rebounds as the UnderDogs won by a 101-74 final. Former Oregon Duck John Loyd's performance as the point guard scored a game-high 36 points and grabbed 14 rebounds, good enough for a double-double. If Loyd plays the entire season for the UnderDogs, I anticipate him being an MVP candidate.

Adam Rellah also had a monster game scoring 27 points as he shot 41 percent from the field. Dario Jokic got himself 13 points while Michael Loyd scored 10 points in his open league debut. Watch out for the UnderDogs, they're for real.

3. Ball 4 Life (0-1)

Taurean Green (26 points) and Zach Dean (22 points) had impressive performances, but it was all for not as they fell by five points to the Villains. Josh Ross, who normally scores in doubles figures every game, only scored eight points in what saw Ball 4 Life shoot 46 percent from the charity stripe. Dean also didn't grab as many boards as he's used to as the big man only snatched six. Milos Knezevic had a decent game scoring 15 points as he shot 55 percent from the field and also made three threes. Ball 4 Life will be facing some stiff competition this week and I anticipate them having a much better regular season than last season.

4. RudeDogs (0-1)

Leonard Mitchell lll (20 points) and Matthew Darcel (28 points) were scoring machines for the RudeDogs, but they fell shot, losing to the UnderDogs by 27 points. Ben Carey made three threes scoring a total of 13 points and Nick Davis scored six points on what will be Tony Eackles Jr. spot in the rotation for now. The RudeDogs will look somewhat different this season as they'll be without Eackles Jr. for a good chunk of the season. It's not going to be an easy season for them, but they just need to take it one game at a time and see where things go from here.