Ref Elites and the Monstars Fight to not be 0-3


GARDEN CITY: Week 3 Predictions

By Anthony Leo | Garden City Co-League Coordinator

Shore Shack (0-1) vs Savage Storm (1-1)

Savage Storm will get the first crack at the real Shore Shack team that should have a full team ready to play. Savage Storm is looking to bounce back after their week two loss, but it won’t be easy against a good Shore Shack team. Shore Shack and Savage Storm matchup well and I think this could be a really good game. Savage Storm will feed Matt Mehler the ball all night long.

Shore Shack doesn’t have anyone who is the size of Mehler and he should be able to have his way in the paint. The problem may come on defense when Mehler has to guard a much more athletic big like Chris Pisciotta who is really a swingman on the outside who can shoot and drive to the basket. The key to this game is how well Savage Storm defends because they have enough offense to stay in the game. Shore Shack has a lot of experienced UH players and it shouldn’t take them to long to get it going.

PICK: Shore Shack


Ref Elites (0-2) Monstars (0-2)

Starting the season 0-2 is bad enough to begin with but starting 0-3 is even worse. No team wants to have that rough of a start and after this game someone will be 0-3. This game is a matchup of one team who has struggled defensively and another who has struggled to find consistent scoring. Put that all together and this could make for a pretty solid matchup.

On paper, the Ref Elites are the much more talented team, but they don’t play as a team. The Monstars play together and move the ball around. If they can step up it and play some defense they can win this game. I think this game could come down to the final few minutes and whoever can hit the big shots wins.

PICK: Ref Elites


CST Elite (1-1) vs Gale Force (2-0)

This matchup features two teams who want to play totally different styles. CST Elite led by Rob Sargeant and Maxx Rosenbloom want to slow this game down and keep it a low scoring battle. On the other side is Gale Force and they will want to speed up the pace and move the ball around the court to find the open three.

In order for Gale Force to play the way they want they need to rebound well. They need Sky Khaleel to have a big game and get some help from RaShawn Church on the boards as well. If Gale Force rebounds and hits their open looks they will be able to put up enough points to put away CST Elite.

PICK: Gale Force


Threat Level Midnight (0-1) vs Red Storm (2-0)

Threat Level Midnight will once again be tested after already taking on one of the top teams in Week 2 they get another one this week. The Red Storm are tops in the league in points per game with their dynamic offense and they will try and put up another 80-plus points in this game. The Red Storm have dominated with Steven Medard leading the way as one of the most versatile players in the league. In this game Medard will again have the size advantage over a much smaller Threat Level Midnight team.

Despite everything stacking up against Threat Level Midnight they will still have a good chance to win this game. Donte Howell will need a big game and he will need to get some help from his role players. They key is how well Donovan Jackson defends and scores the ball in this game. If Threat Level Midnight doesn’t take away the three ball they are going to struggle in this game.

PICK: Red Storm