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GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 3 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Sweet "D" (1-1) vs. The Industry (2-0)

The baseball, yes baseball squad of Sweet "D" will face a tough opponent in The Industry in what will be a physical game. The key for Sweet "D" will be to stop The Industry's Marciano Brunette down low and to not foul too much as The Industry is a pretty good free throw shooting team. Hopefully Sweet "D"'s Cody Howard suits up and tries to contain Brunette down low. Dylan Ellis will be a key transitional player for Sweet "D" and the duo of Kenny Oakley and David Farris will be tough for The Industry to handle. They both play excellent defense and take care of the ball very well.

The Industry was without Derek Adkins last week and hope to have him back this time around. Watch out for Terry Cress to make a big statement for The Industry and I know he'll be on Sweet "D"s radar for sure. Riccon Buckles needs to have a big-time performance and I believe in The Industry and for them to pull this one off. 

Prediction: The Industry -6.5

SUNZ (0-2) vs. RudeDogs (2-0)

The struggling SUNZ will square off against the red-hot RudeDogs in what could be a lopsided affair. The duo of Blake White and Cris Cockrell must big impact players and stop the RudeDogs' bigger guys down low. Hopefully Matthew Diedrich can make some clutch threes and wear out the RudeDogs.

All I really have to say about this game is good luck SUNZ in trying to stop Khalid Cannon. He's a big presence and carries himself very well on the floor. I just can't see the SUNZ pulling this one off even with the depth they have. 

Prediction: RudeDogs -8

TD Rayguns (1-1) vs. Artsakh (0-2)

The TD Rayguns will be looking for some payback as they'l face Artsakh, who has started the season winless. The TD Rayguns committed 18 turnovers last week and will definitely be more focused on securing the ball and making smart plays. Joshua Watson is a smooth, agile player that will maintain a great presence and fluidity for the TD Rayguns. Although he only scored five points last week, he'll still be a difference maker and facilitator for sure. Watch out for Dominic Pedotto to attack at the glass and power his way through Artsakh' defenders.

Artsakh has a decent group of players starting with Brenden Graves, but it hasn't showed up lately, with the exception of there close game last week against the RudeDogs. Hopefully they'll be able to knock down some threes or else they're going to have to try and attack the basket, but they'll have to deal with Brain Stanton and perhaps even Paul Sexton. I like my chances at picking the TD Rayguns and they'll have bounce back game.

Prediction: TD Rayguns -13.5

Free Agents (0-2) vs. Lifetime Lakers (1-1)

Shawn Monegan and the Lifetime Lakers will face the Free Agents in what will be an exhausting game to watch because of the speed of the Lakers and they're transitional game-plan. Meanwhile, the Free Agents have the guys that can score in double figures, but what they lack in is size.

Joseph Roselle needs to do everything in his power to slow down the Lakers and stop guys like Monegan and Austin Welch from going on big runs. Watch out for Darius Meyers to truly have a big-time performance and wear out the Free Agents for the win. 

Prediction: Lifetime Lakers -17

Dyme Pieces (2-0) vs. Houdini (1-1)

This may be the game of the week as the defending champion Dyme Pieces will battle it out against Houdini. Houdini played an exceptional game last week against the TD Rayguns, especially from Cory Argubright, who scored a game-high 21 points. He'll be a key guy that the Dyme Pieces will need to look out for, but I anticipate them slowing him down. What Houdini could use is Daniel Bower, as he sat out last week and could be a difference maker on defense. Let's see how well the duo of Michael Carboni and Charlie Farber do against the Dyme Pieces as they'll be contested all game long.

The Dyme Pieces have been missing some key guys this season, but that hasn't stop them from winning their first two games. Dylan Hansel has been a huge piece to the Dyme Pieces as he a clutch shooter, but more importantly, he's a facilitator as he had 16 assists last week. Tom Gibson and Carboni of Houdini will go back and forth shooting from downtown and I'm guessing in the entire game, we'll see at least 20 made threes, if not more. I wonder how Jim Reilly will do against Houdini as he's been teammates will plenty of guys on Houdini. This will be closer than I'd originally anticipated, but the Dyme Pieces will knock down some clutch shots and capture the win.

Prediction: Dyme Pieces -5

Wynners (0-2) vs. Diplomats (2-0)

This is truly a must-win game for the Wynners as they'll face the surging Diplomats. Something's got to give for the Wynners' Nick Guidice as he hasn't been the same player as he was last season. I do expect him to have his best game of the season and motivate not only himself, but his men. Matthew Darcel has been averaging 16 PPG this season and the Diplomat can't sleep on him as he's a great all-around shooter.

The matchup of the Wynnes' Brenton Van and the Dilomats' Andrew Power will be a big-time matchup to watch for. Both grab rebounds from left to right and are just a big presence for their respective teams. Patrick Guerrero of the Dilplomats is having quite the season thus far and even though he's only played in two games, he's already having perhaps on of his best seasons yet. Guerrero and the Diplomats will have a lot of work to do to stop Guidice's Wynners, but they will find a way to execute fundamental basketball and earn their third win of the season.

Prediction: Diplomats -6