Those Guys put in a Forgettable Week 1 Performance

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 2 Power Rankings  

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

1. Buckeyes (1-0)

The Buckeyes put on an absolute clinic as they defeated the Boozers 90-57. Reigning Vet B MVP Joe Paulk shot 69 percent from the field and even though he only made two threes, he scored 20 points. Paul Sexton and Paul Boag both scored 21 points as Boag also grabbed 13 rebounds.

Dominic Pedetto joined the Buckeyes party this season as he scored 18 points on seven assists in his Buckeyes debut. The Buckeyes certainly shared the ball a lot, as they normally do, getting 26 impressive assists. Can't forget about Anthony Becker getting 10 points on 11 rebounds as he's such a valuable piece to this team. Looks like the Buckeyes will be at the top of the rankings once again for the remainder of the season.

2. Goodfellas (1-0)

Alright Goodfellas I see you. This team is formerly known as the Gamblers as the majority of the group is back and ready to take over the Vet B league. Christopher Ford scored an incredible 41 points while shooting 63 percent from the field and grabbed 18 rebounds. He's going to be one heck of a player this season and perhaps a potential MVP candidate.

Brent Husson and Jeff Jones both scored 22 points and will be huge contributors this season. Kevin Kalua and Stefan Hanania both grabbed nine rebounds and watch out for the duo to potentially be on the All-defensive first team by seasons end. 

3. BHoudini (1-0)

All but one guy (John Santaniello - 17 points) scored 20+ points as BHoudini won an easy game against Those Guys by a 114-72 final. RJ Wojtowicz, who made his Ultimate Hoops debut, scored a game-high 29 points while Edwin Urbina got himself 24 points on 10 assists. What a fine game from veteran Charlie Farber as he put up 22 points, 13 rebounds and 12 dimes. 

Jim Reilly also showcased his talents as he scored 22 points himself while grabbing 16 rebounds. This is a big, strong and committed team that can easily take over this league with the experience and veteran leadership they posses. 

4. Old School (1-0)

Big man Alexander Gonzalez is truly a must-have player on Old School. He carried them to a 67-58 win over the RudeDogs and had some help along the way. Brian Stanton scored six points on 10 boards, while Rawle Smith filled in for Michael Loyd and scored 12 points.

Both Alex Cabrera and Dan Lumello scored nine points and Darin Brookner scored eight points. This is a sound, fundamental team that really and I mean really takes their time shooting the ball, which can frustrate teams a lot. Nice work Old School.

5. Boozers (1-0)

The Boozers were without Jason Salerno in their loss to the Buckeyes and they could've really used him in the paint as no one on the Buckeyes grabbed double digits in rebounds. Greg Goorjian did have himself quite the game as he put up 33 points making six treys.

Other than that, it was all Buckeyes as Don Brkovich grabbed eight rebounds while Jeff Traylor was the next closest scorer to Goorijian getting himself eight points. They must have others step up and contribute in a lot of ways if they want to start winning without Salerno. 

6. RudeDogs (0-1)

The RudeDogs had a lot on their plate as their main center James Rice looks like he won't be back this season, however, GM Dan Orozco recruited Anthony Khotsikian to be the new center and Khotsikian scored 12 points on 13 rebounds, certainly numbers that Rice has had in the past.

Matthew Diedrich is another new face for the RudeDogs as the forward got himself 15 points on 10 boards and also made three threes. Evan Hunt has been with the RudeDogs for a while now and scored a game-high 24 points. This team can be capable of pulling of some upsets if everyone is on the same page and shares the ball like crazy.

7. 44 Minutes (0-1)

Jeremy Peltz is committed to this team and he can't always do all of the heavy work as he scored 22 points in a loss to Goodfellas. It wasn't even much of a competition once the two teams stepped foot on the floor. They need to have a lot more pieces to make this team have a shot at moving somewhat in the rankings. 

8. Those Guys (0-1)

Amanda Kelley scored a team-high 24 points in Those Guys' 42-point loss to BHoudini. She dropped down six 3-pointers and shot 69 percent from the field. She's a true competitor and can certainly handle playing all 44 minutes against the boys. Lamont Harris Jr. put down 16 points and GM Zee Shan got himself 15 points on eight assists. If Kelley continues to play for Those Guys, could we see an upset in the making?