Role Models and Nike Look to Remain Undefeated


PLANO: Week 2 Predictions

By Tyrese Boone | Plano Media Associate

Role Models (1-0) vs. Nike (1-0) (Game of the Week)

These two teams look to stay undefeated to claim a top spot in the leagues standings. Both teams have deep rosters and can keep their guys fresh throughout the duration of games. The key for Nike to win this game is to get their opponent in foul trouble to get easy points from the line. They also need to play lockdown defense and not allow these guys to shoot from deep the whole game. However, I think the Role Models are too good offensively. They shot 74 percent from the field and 70 percent from three last games. In conclusion, Role Model offense will overpower Nike’s defense.

Prediction: Role Models- 105, Nike- 90

Push The Rock (1-0) vs. Hoops There It Is (0-1)

Push The Rock looks to win their second straight game while Hoops There It Is looks to get up to .500 on the season. Rebounding in this game will be the key to victory. Hoops There It Is out rebounded BWA 25-12 in the second half during a run where they cut the lead down to eight points. If they can out rebound Push The Rock they’ll have a chance to win. However, Push The Rock will win this game due to the depth of their roster. Unless Hoops There It Is has their whole roster, things could change. Either way, this will be a close game.

Prediction: Push The Rock- 120, Hoops There It Is- 112

MMG (0-1) vs. Classic Ballers (0-1)

MMG and the Classic Ballers are looking to get their first win of the season. Both of these teams are very similar in roster depth and scoring output. I know it sounds cliché, but whoever can put the most points on the board wins. In my opinion, MMG has players that can score. However, can they make their shots efficiently is the main question for them. In their loss last game, MMG shot 3 of 24 from the 3-point line, which is a disappointing 13%. If they take more efficient shots such as layups and mid range (53 percent) they’ll win this game easily. This will be a low scoring game and I see MMG pulling off the win.

Prediction: MMG- 95, Classic Ballers-60

BWA (1-0) vs. Ballin On A Budget (0-1)

The player of the week candidates Jeffery Larsen and Justin Dentmon go at it in this matchup. Both of these have players that can score the ball and can get steals. Dentmon and Larsen both were able to get 4 steals last game so be on the lookout for many fast break layups or dunks during this game. Ballin On A Budget can win this game as long as they get off to fast starts in both half’s. If they let BWA take a big lead early, it will be very difficult to come back. Furthermore, I see BWA pulling off the win. I see them pulling away late in the second half.

Prediction: BWA- 130, Ballin On A Budget- 117

Older Tropics (1-0) vs. Sniper Gang (0-0)

This is a game everyone should keep their eye on. Older Tropics played decently against a MMG team who didn’t shoot well from the field. Sniper Gang has three point guards who shoot a career average of 40 percent from three. If Sniper Gang gets on a run early, this game could get ugly. However, the big question is: How rusty will Sniper Gang be? In this case, I have to give Older Tropics the upper hand in this matchup because they’ve played already and have gotten rid some of the rustiness from last game. However, I believe that Sniper Gang will pull off an upset and win this game.

Prediction: Sniper Gang- 99, Older Tropics- 95

The Soldiers (0-0) vs. Gym Class Hero (0-1)

Gym Class Heroes has a duo of Jacob Jablonski and Cameron Clemons that could be a scary matchup for the soldiers. Both of these guys can shoot anywhere on the court and can draw fouls to get to the line. However, if they can’t make their free throws in the clutch the game can slip away just like last week. This is the soldiers first time playing this year so it’ll be intriguing to see how well they play. I definitely could see the Gym Class Heroes winning this game if everything goes there way. However, the soldiers will win this game due to roster depth.

Prediction: The Soldiers- 95, Gym Class Heroes- 91

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