High-Flying Players off to Great Start

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GREEN VALLEY Vet B: Week 2 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Those Guys (0-1) vs. RudeDogs (0-1)

Those Guys brought in some new pieces to hopefully them get a win as Zee Shan recruited sharp-shooting Amanda Kelley and Lamont Harris Jr.. Kelley scored a team-high 24 points on six made threes and that was pretty impressive to see.

Meanwhile, the RudeDogs looked somewhat different last week as they're without James Rice and some other notable guys this season. It looks like Evan Hunt will be a very important player for them as he'll be putting up more shots than he's normally used to. Matthew Diedrich will be tough for Those Guys to contain and Anthony Khotsikian will be too much for them to handle.

Prediction: RudeDogs -20.5

OOMG (0-0) vs. Old School (0-1)

OOMG didn't play last week and they're back to hopefully move above the Buckeyes in the standings for good but first up for them will be Old School. They will have their normal guys back in L.C. Comine, Michael Carboni, Josh Rollans, Kris McConnell, Omar Cabahug and Sam Earl. They have one new addition in Mike 'Hot Tub' Anderson and expect him to be a consistent and accurate three-point shooter.

OOMG is way faster than Old School as Old School truly lives by the name as they play slow, fundamental sound basketball. They lost by 11 points to Goodfellas last week but made it a game. Alexander Gonzalez will be OOMG' top priority and I know that Rollans will be up for the challenge.

I really want to see Alex Cabrera take over for Old School as Michael Loyd may not suit up this season but you never know. OOMG is just too talented and a lot bigger than Old School and will indeed win this one with ease.

Prediction: OOMG -16.5

Boozers (0-1) vs. Goodfellas (1-0)

Man the Goodfellas are a good team, pun-intended. They have a stacked lineup filled with veterans players Stefan Hanania, Christopher Ford, Sam Michelli, Kevin Kalua, Brent Husson and of course, Paul Bruno. This is pretty much the Gamblers, but they've changed their name after taking last season off. Last week looked promising as they beat 44 Minutes 101-60 as Ford scored a game-high 41 points. He will be electric all season long and I anticipate him scoring possibly 20+ points every game this season, maybe even an MVP nominee.

This Jeff Jones' first rodeo in the Vet B League in Green Valley and he should have a fine season. The Boozers tend to struggle scoring as they've been one of the more bottom teams in points per game. It doesn't help when Jason Salerno doesn't suit up every game. He sat out last week and hope to have him this time around to stop Ford and Hanania in the paint.

Greg Goorjian needs help and needs his guys to step up if they want to remain one of the top-tier squads. Hopefully Don Brkovich can attempt more shots from downtown and get the ball more. I have Goodfellas being in sync and clearly winning this one early on.

Prediction: Goodfellas -18

Bhoudini (1-0) vs. Buckeyes (1-0)

Bhoudini faced an easy Those Guys team last week and will be up for the challenge in facing the defending champion Buckeyes. This is a solid lineup that will be tough for opponents to beat and this will be a huge test for the Buckeyes.

Jim Reilly is a big presence for Bhoudini and perhaps Dominic Pedetto will have to try and stop the center. Joe Paulk will need to be on his 'A' game and make some big-time threes. Paul Sexton could go on a run for the Buckeyes and Bhoudini better not sleep on him. Anthony Becker will attack at Bhoudini's bigger guys and I won't be surprised if he succeeds in this one.

I want to see Sexton be a big-time facilitator and motivate his players all game long. Charlie Farber is going to have a big impact in his one and he's of course going to run this offense and score. Watch out for Bhoudini to attack at the Buckeyes, but there's something about Paulk from the Buckeyes that I really enjoy as the Buckeyes could pull this one off.

Prediction: Buckeyes -4

Alcoballics (0-0) vs. 44 Minutes (0-1)

The Alcoballics had last week off as they were finalizing their roster, but they'll be ready to go against 44 Minutes. Jay Schuttert added sharp-shooting Robert Lew to the picture and he'll be a big piece for this team. Luis Maceira will be an explosive player just like he was last season and 44 Minutes will need to keep up with him in transition. Hopefully 44 Minutes' Jeremy Peltz will be a on point and shoot for accuracy, but it will be too much for them as the Alcoballics will shine for their opening win.

Prediction: Alcoballics -8.5