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SCOTTSDALE DRAFT: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Adam Butler | Scottsdale Media Associate

What’s good Scotty, it’s your favorite spooky white boy back with Week 2 power rankings. I was incredibly off in my power rankings last week so let’s see if I can do a better job this week. 

1. Showtime (2-0)

Tentatively at number one this week with a very strong opening week last week, winning BOTH of their games. It seems like Chance Lamont and Tyrone Jones have a good little two-man game going on. Still nervous for when Chance has to miss the last half of the season. But for now... Showtime is on top.  

2. All Bizness (1-0)

UH Greek Freak Mike Bizoukas made his comeback known last week, as he seems to be back in MVP form pouring in 31 points and adding in 12 assists. Another notable game from last week would be former teammate of Carmelo Anthony Rhett Ballard’s 21 and 12 performance. All Bizness looks to be... all business. 

3. Views from the Swish (1-0)

Warren La Chance is looking to have an MVP year and proves it by scoring 39 of the teams 79 points. Newcomer Jacob Langemier looked solid in his debut, having 12, 7, and 6. Once he gets more comfortable with the squad and Ultimate Hoops in general, they’ll be a nasty backcourt for sure. 

4. James Meng Talent Agency (0-1)

I’m happy to see the legend of the James Meng name being continued. With that, Danny Dziedzic and the absolute unit himself Cristian Rodriguez himself need some help. Outside of those two, no one had over 8 points. Let’s hope Jordan Colson shows up to give them some depth 

5. Pups ‘N Suds (0-1)

I’m a big fan of any team that Vinnie Triceratopsveloceraptorrex puts together. PNS looks very solid with very well balanced scoring. Having Jack and Brad on the wings is going to be dangerous for any team to defend against. 

6. The Muppets (0-1)

I’m not convinced that The Muppets will be this low come next week. Brayden is a consistent son of a gun who definitely needs to take more shots. He pairs himself with an absolute tank named Steven Terry who is a rebound magnet. 

7. The Incredible Basketball Players (0-1)

The incredible basketball players did not look too incredible last week. In no world should Nick Guerri and Arthur Martinet only get 11 shots each. Shots definitely need to be distributed more for this team to turn itself around. 

I will not be attendance tonight as I’ll be watching the Broncos go to work in Glendale. Feel free to leave any feedback either here or on Facebook. Good luck, and go Broncos!