Who Raises the Draft Banner this Season?


SUMMERLIN DRAFT: Preseason Power Rankings

 By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate

The draft league returns for another season in Summerlin this Wednesday.  Chase Skinkis did not return to the draft this season so we will have a new GM winning it all this season.  Will it be the Sin again?  Will the Bones break through?   Is the RatPack ready to step up?  And are the Dealers ready to get back to the title game?  It should be a much more competitive season this time around and it all gets started this Wednesday.  Let’s take a look at the preseason rankings.

1. Las Vegas Bones

Johnathan Mawhineey is the new GM of the Bones and did a tremendous job of drafting the new look Bones squad.  He got Max Miller Hooks who was on the Sin last season that went undefeated and won the title.  He also got Grant Lewis who has been a double double in just about every game he has played in his career.  Keep an eye on the returning Darren Ashton who has been out with a knee injury.  This team has the pieces that will make them very tough to beat.

 2. Las Vegas RatPack

James Heneghan returns as the GM for the RatPack and has the early favorite for MVP in Bobby Mears on his roster.  Mears put up MVP type numbers a season ago but with the season Skinkis had it was tough for him to really get the credit he deserved.  This season Mears should own this league and this time around he has a much better supporting cast.   If this team can gel and find some chemistry early on they will be a force to be reckoned with.

 3. Las Vegas Sin

The defending champs are now ran by Marcus Milner, they will be an entertaining team for sure.  His top draft pick was none other than big John Lazosky.  Marcus also drafted his brother Barrington as well.  The trio of Marcus, Barrington, and Lazo will have no problem scoring but the question is going to be will they all be happy?  All three like to shot and get their shots.  If these guys find a way to make it work maybe the Sin will have a shot at a repeat title.

 4. Las Vegas Dealers

Ryan Geurts is the new GM of the Dealers and it looks like it is going to be a long season for the Dealers.  When I look at the roster I wonder where the scoring is going to come from?  Geurts has got some guys who will play extremely hard but I don’t see a lot of guys who will go out and dominate and get buckets.  Bryan Lebo, Brad Couglin, and Geurts will have to lead the way for the Dealers. 

Players To Watch

Darren Ashton- Las Vegas Bones: I mentioned him coming off an injury.  Darren brings a lot of energy and passion to the court.  If he can compliment Max and Grant the Bones will be the team to beat.

Anthony Khotsikian- Las Vegas RatPack: AK has been a constant in UH for years and this is a league he could really dominate.  A pairing with himself and Bobby Mears should be a lot of fun to watch and I think they both could flourish from it.

Marcus and Barrington Milner- Las Vegas Sin- These guys will be critical on the type of season the Sin will have.  They will have to adapt how they play and how the utilize Lazo in a league he should dominate.  If those three can figure it out.  Well the Sin should be very tough again.

So who wins it all?

I think this season will be much more balanced than a season ago.  I think three of the four teams will have a legit shot of winning it all.  I think the title game will come down to the Bones and RatPack.  I believe those two teams have the most talent and they will meet.  Look for the Bones to win it all in a close one over the RatPack and your MVP of the league this season will be Bobby Mears in a close one over Lazo.