The Hooligans are On Top Once Again


SYOSSET VET: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator

1. Hooligans (1-0)  

After one week of play in the vets league, Jay Harris and the Hooligans take over the number-one spot in the power rankings. Harris and his usual Hooligans teammates were impressive in Week 1, but what stood out the most to everyone around the gym was how well Stephen Sombrotto fit into the offense. This is the first time Sombrotto is playing with Harris and I wasn't sure how that duo would come together. Sombrotto was all over the court being a Swiss Army knife. The Hooligans have an excellent balance of guys and they are now the team to beat. 

2. Dream Team (1-0)  

The Dream Team enters week two looking to make it back to back wins to start their season. Team captain Chris Albano was dominate in his season debut scoring 34 points and pulling down 16 rebounds. As one of the league’s best and most efficient players, Albano should be able to have a terrific season. The question for this team will be if Mike Venuti can be that consistent second option to Albano. If both guys are on then the Dream Team is going to have a high-powered offense with shooters and size. 

3. Let’s Do This Again (1-0) 

Adam Sutton and his newly revamped Let’s Do This team didn’t have a full team in Week 1 but still managed to come away with a victory in a close game over the Walking Dead. Sutton had a productive night scoring 19 points, but the real story of the game was Steve Dukoff who had a big night shooting the ball. If Dukoff can put up double digits every week it will be a much added bonus that Let’s Do This Again will need. We’ll see if they can keep up the team basketball with Sutton and Jared Wulfow leading the way. 

4. Ballerz (0-1) 

The Ballerz on paper look like a really solid team, and in Week 1 they were without some of the role players who will play important roles for this team. With Peter Deplas back in the fold it will add an outside shooter that they really need. With Mike Seff and Cedric Wallace leading the way the Ballerz have a nice balance of guys who can defend, shoot, rebound and will be a tough team to beat when they get it all together. 

5. Walking Dead (0-1) 

The Walking Dead played a great game in Week 1, but fell just short of a win. What was most impressive was Tom Dimicelli who scored 28 points and was hitting all his open looks. If Dimicelli can have a big season scoring the ball it will make a huge difference for the Walking Dead. Last season it was a struggle for Dimicelli’s team to score, but this season he has a lot more help from guys like Richie Yorke, Gregg Fishbein and others who can hit open looks when they get them. 

6. Shooting Stars (0-1)  

The Shooting Stars played a tough game in Week 1 and came up just short against the Dream Team. More importantly for the Shooting Stars, they lost their number-one overall pick for this coming week and possibly more with an ankle injury. Justin Dattolo paired with Alain Wehder once again was the plan for this team to create the best back court in the league, but with Dattolo out all of that changes. Until he returns the Shooting Stars will need others to step up and help out in anyway they can to make up for the loss of 20-plus points every night that Dattolo would bring to the table. 

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