Can Dat Ain't Fair Vanquish the Justice League?


SHELBY: Week 2 Predictions

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Goblin Skillz vs. Balken Brother Brand 

With the vet team, Goblin Skillz, and the new rookie team, Balken Brother Brand, we will see these two team match up against each other in Week 2. This will likely be a good match up against BBB’s guard Alek Kume, and Goblin Skillz’s guard Nick Kosovich. Both players have proved their ability to score efficiently, but which team will be the aggressors and take the win? 

Prediction: Goblin Skillz 88, BBB 75

8 p.m. - All or Nothing vs. Y-Lie 

Taking a look at this game in Week 2, there will likely be a good matchup between All or Nothing’s Joseph Cromartie and Y-Lie’s Anthony Muscat. Both guards have proven their ability to shoot beyond the 3-point line, so we will see which one of these two teams can push through to get the dub.

Prediction: Y-Lie 80, All Or Nothing 72 

9 p.m. - Justice League vs Dat Ain’t Far 

Justice League has come back for their second season in hopes to reclaim their title. As they face off against DAF this week, we could see the potential matchup against Edin Muhtarevic and DeMarco Paige. Both players have played in this league for many season and have proved to be big competitors. This game has potential to be the most competitive game of the night while reflecting of when these two teams last met: the first round of the summer playoffs.

Prediction: DAF 81, Justice League 77 

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