Are the Hooligans the Team to Beat?


SYOSSET VET: Week 2 Predictions

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator

Walking Dead (0-1) vs Ballerz (0-1) 

The Walking Dead and the Ballerz are both coming off of tough Week 1 losses. Team captains Tom Dimicelli and Mike Seff want to get their teams headed in the right direction and they will face off this week with a chance to do that. Both teams matchup very well with similar play styles. The Ballerz this season are playing at a slower pace with Cedric Wallace demanding the ball in the paint and once he gets it, it’s tough to handle him. The Ballerz need to feed Wallace the ball and create offense off him. The Walking Dead will use multiple defenders to try and stop Wallace, but double-teaming Wallace will leave shooters open. If the Ballerz can hit open looks and slow down Dimicelli they can win this game. 

PICK: Ballerz 

Let’s Do This Again (1-0) vs Dream Team (1–0) 

Starting the season off 2-0 is always a good sign for teams in the vets league. If you can get off to a hot start and build some team chemistry, it’s usually a recipe for success. This game will feature some great matchups but the key to this game is how Let’s Do This Again handles Chris Albano. Albano has big numbers in the vets league because of his ability to shoot the three, rebound the ball and create for others. Adam Sutton and his team need to find a way to keep him in check and not leave Mike Venuti open. If Venuti gets hot it adds another dynamic to the Dream Team. In the end I think this is a close game that comes down to the final minutes and whoever can hit the big shots will win this game. 

PICK: Let's Do This Again 

Hooligans (1-0) vs Shooting Stars (0-1) 

The Hooligans were impressive in Week 1 and this week they are going to take on a very short-handed Shooting Stars team. The Shooting Stars will be without their second and third option leaving only Alain Wehder left to handle the majority of the ball handling and scoring. Anytime you have to play an experienced Hooligans team short handed, it’s never a good sign. I expect the Hooligans to play solid defense and go up big game in this game with Jay Harris leading the way. Look for big games from Yasha Tehrani and Stephen Sombrotto once again. 

PICK: Hooligans 

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