A Power Shift?

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FORT WORTH: Week 2 Power Rankings

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

The league without a doubt got a lot better and extremely more competitive. The first week of the season saw the new comers from Colleyville take it to the defending champs, Pink Flamingos. The Free Agent Team now known as HFTC (Here For The Cardio) scored the third highest Week 1 point total. So what did Week 1 show us? It showed us that James is a master at predicting the winners. Just kidding, although he went 3-0 on picks, do not bet on his picks. It also showed us, that the season could be wide open and the games should be good and highly competitive.  You better bring your "A" game. Here is the break down for the Week 1 power rankings.

1. LT Colleyville (1-0)

The new kids on the block came to play and took the defending champs behind the wood shed for a little spanking. A tie game 30-30 at the half turned to a rout in the second half with LT Colleyville slapping a 30-point loss on the Birds. I'll talk more about the Birds in a bit, but despite getting the big win, it was visible they didn't play as well as they could as they left a lot of shots on the floor. They only shot 38 percent from the field and 23 percent from beyond the arc. Not to mention, they may have been without their best player too, according to reliable source. Seriously, be on the lookout for this team. Demond Mallet led the way with 31 points and 12 rebounds. 

2. Rough Riders (1-0)

They picked up a big 19-point win against a pretty good Ball Don't Lie team. It is Week 2 and there is still a lot to be worked out but Dominique's squad looks to be more well-rounded than last season's runner-up team. They added some size in Will Sweeney and James Mauro but this team is still guards galore. Dom led the way as he usually does with 21 points and Champ Grayson chipped in 16. This looks to be a team in the mix for a title run. 

3. Pine Riders (1-0)

Behind the performance of Week 1 Player Of the Week, big man Dwayne McDonald's 31 points 7 rebounds captured the Week 1 victory. This team is not athletic, not fast, and no superstars but they are a solid skilled squad with very limited holes. They may not have the best team but they should be right there competing week in week out. 

4. HFTC (0-1)

Might be the surprise of the new season. A team of free agents thrown together and what looked liked on paper as a team that might struggle to score, reeled in the third-highest point total of Week 1 with 70. Newcomer, Colin Wiley led the way with 20 and solid post, Brian Butterweck did his usual with 13 points and 7 boards. Rookie point guard, Victor Manta added 16 points, respectively. This could be a team to watch out for and could sneak up on an opponent if they are not ready to play.  

5. Ball Don't Lie (0-1)

Big Man Lamont Stokes vastly improved his squad through recruiting. The only problem is it didn't show Week 1. They faced shooting pitfalls to say the least with 31 percent overall and a dismal 6 percent, yes you read right, 6 percent from 3, shooting 1-16 from beyond the arc. They will face tough treading beating anyone with those shooting numbers. This team will not average 43 points a game for the season and they will bounce back. 

6. Pink Flamingos (0-1)

Oh my, how have the mighty fallen. Don't worry, the world is not coming to an end. Yes, the Birds are the defending champs and yes, they took a round one knock out punch square on the chin. But, let's look at the facts. One, it is Week 1 and they will bounce back. Two, they lost the first game last season and never lost again; they have been here before. Three, reigning MVP, Cody Brazelton was not present and that is a huge difference maker. Four, fellow teammate and 7-footer Chad Rykhoek was also out. I don't expect them to be here next week. Don't hit the panic button yet. 

See you on the court!