Will the Real Chris’s Angels and Easy Go Travelers Show up this Week?


SUMMERLIN REC: Week 2 Predictions

By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate  

 Beacon (0-1) vs. Recspekt (1-0)

This game intrigues me quite a bit.  Beacon gave WTF JR? all they wanted in Week 1 and if you look at their roster they have a few guys who I think will give Recspekt fits tomorrow night.  I have always said to beat Recspekt you have to be physical with them and win the battle in the paint.  With guys like Tim Parelli, Luis Maceira, and Devin Dunn I think Beacon is going to give Recspekt all they want.  What I don’t think Beacon has is enough shooting.  Last week Beacon shot 37 percent from the field and 23 percent from deep.  They are going to have to improve on that if they want to pull off the upset.

Recspekt is loaded once again this season and to be honest it can be several players that can hurt you.  Whether it is Charles Vinson, his daughter Haley, GM Stefan Hanania, or the dynamic guards of Charles DeJohnette and Ed Vaughns.  Recspekt really doesn’t have a weakness anywhere and I don’t think they are going to slip up this week.  I do think though Beacon is going to play them tough.  They have enough experience and guys that can bang down low that will keep it close for awhile.  However look for Recspekt to pull away in the second half behind the shooting of Haley Vinson and the play of Ed Vaughns. 

Prediction: Recspekt - 87, Beacon- 73

Hickory Huskers (1-0) vs. WTF JR? (1-0)

Both teams come into this game at 1-0 and Hickory is the surprise after they upset Easy Go Travelers at the buzzer last week.  Granted they picked up three guys that are not on the roster but they won that game and they are 1-0.  The question this week is what will Hickory look like?  Will they even have enough to play this week?  I am going to say they will but I don’t think it will matter.  I am going to say last week was a fluke and Hickory is going to come back to reality this week.  WTF JR?  is kind of like the forgotten team in this league.  They almost made the title game a season ago and this season they kind of are forgotten about already.  Look for Sean Breen, Max Miller-Hooks, and Anthony Khotsikian to have their way tomorrow night.  WTF JR? will play hard nose defense and shut down Kerry Knoll and the Huskers.

 Prediction: WTF JR?- 92, Hickory Huskers- 68

BAR (0-1) vs. Easy Go Travelers (0-1)

Tough debut a week ago for the Easy Go squad.  They came in to their game with Hickory as one of the favorites to knock off Recspekt and they lost in Week 1.  They showed flashes on how good they can be but I think this team is going to need some time to gel a figure out how to play together.  Once it clicks I think this team will be Recspekt’s biggest challenger but for now they will need some time to figure it out. 

BAR lost to the SP 101 (formerly the Free Agents) last week.  It was a surprising loss especially since they have such a deep roster and guys who have been around.  As usual BAR struggled scoring, they only had 56 points and shot a dismal 33 percent from the field and an even worse 24 percent from three.  If they want to have any chance this week they will need Landon Tenwolde, Sean Margulis, and NFZ Travis Scribner to be in attendance.  Especially Scribner he is the anchor for this squad on defense and it will be quite entertaining to see him square off against JJ Todd of the Easy Go Travelers who is #2 all time in block shots behind NFZ.

Regardless who is in attendance for BAR I think Easy Go has there way tomorrow night with the BAR guys and look for Easy Go to establish Mike Smiljanic early and often tomorrow night which will open things up for Kenny McNeil, Juan Carter, and Tij Von Nieda. 

Prediction: Easy Go Travelers- 97, BAR- 72

HYR Life (0-1) vs. Chris’s Angels (1-0)

The Angels returned to the league last week and got ran out of the gym by Ball is Life 97-66 but they were without their best player Adam Schmitt and key addition Benji Roufs.  I am not too concerned about the Angels as this squad has contended in seasons past and they have proven they can play with anyone. 

HYR Life is interesting because of newcomer Nathaniel Burgess who scored 40 points in his UH debut last week in a loss to Recspekt.  If HYR Life can get him some help this season and not have the depth issues they have had in the past then maybe they will be more competitive this season?  I am interested to see how Burgess will fair against the defense of the Angels this week especially if Schmitt and Roufs are there.  Look for the Angels to send a message this week that they are a team to be reckoned with.

 Prediction: Chris’s Angels- 89, HYR Life- 60

Ball is Life (1-0) vs. SP 101 (1-0)

Not a surprise that Ball is Life is 1-0 but the fact SP 101 is 1-0 is the surprise of the season so far.  Unfortunately for SP 101 this game is going to get ugly and it will be the biggest blow out of Week 2.  Ball is Life is on a mission once again this season.  They have fallen short the last three seasons in the title game (all to Recspekt) and they are sick of it.  Look for Mihail Kocevski, Bobby Mears, Chris Ford, and newcomer Allen McFarland all to have huge games, as Ball is Life roll to a huge victory.

Prediction: Ball is Life- 132, SP 101- 85