All or Nothing


GAITHERSBURG: Week 3 Predictions  

By Remy Primas | Gaithersburg Media Associate

7 p.m. - Virginia Tech vs Strayer

This may very well be game of the night. Strayer is walking into the game at 0-2 and is in desperate need of a win. The Hokies just won their first game last week and are hoping to keep their momentum alive. I anticipate Shelby Jupiter of Strayer to have a better game than his last outing. He will need to have at least 20 points if his team hopes to win. The Hokies will need their own Dominique McCoy & Eric Nixon to step up their level of play if they want to be competitive tonight. Whichever team plays the best defense will likely be victorious in the end.

Prediction - Strayer by 4

8 p.m. - Missouri vs Hampton

This game can go either one or two ways. A Hampton blowout victory or Missouri playing good enough just to make this game competitive. No one expects Missouri to really have a chance tonight except for themselves. Sean Sweeney of the Tigers said “they just have to come out and play team basketball and trust one another and they should be okay.” If the Tigers can get three players in double digit scoring they might just have a chance. The one player for Hampton that who’s yet to really get going like we know he can is, Raegan Zamena. We anticipate him having a breakout game tonight to help his team secure a win. This game could be something special if the stars align correctly.

Prediction- Pirates by 8