Sink or Swim


PALM VALLEY: Week 1 Predictions

By Daniel Thomas | Palm Valley Media Associate

Another season is upon us and without further ado, here is a break down of our first week of thrilling matchups. The pool was as deep as it’s ever been out West so everyone better bring either their A game or their floaties!

Laces & Braces Vs. Hard Work

To lead off staff grinder Frank Contreras leads his well drafted side against Hard Work and its originator Jason Jefferson. Both gents pieced together sound lineups and this game should be a fun one to watch. For L&B the combo of Frank, the cold-blooded killer in Darrylon Lane and Jacque Collins inside will be a force to stop and I don’t see that being a simple task. Also, have to shoutout the one and only Vinnie T who is capable of going off at any moment in which he decides to. Hard Work will be led by stellar PG play with the ball in Shawn Scott’s hands, and he will have skill all over the court in Gabriel Cunningham, Palm OG Donald Lair, and newcomer Kasey Ruiz. This one will come down to who can come together defensively first. 
Pick: Hard Work by 5

YLie Vs. Team Eric 

This game pits a lot of familiar faces against one another, as Xavier Carter and YLie go toe to toe with the currently unnamed at the time of writing team that was selected by Captain Eric Green. Eric choose wisely as he brought along the lethal Lavoine West, despite his fake news of being “washed” that I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy one bit. They will also be accompanied by sharpshooting scorer D.J. Hamilton and the uber-athletic Daisjion Draper to make matters worse for YLie. X built a solid team and it will show when we tip-off. Opting for size at all positions, he picked up physical guards in Travis Payton and Isaiah Lopez. Add in the true OG Darryl Brewer, Hawk is making his return after taking a Ship from all young bucks a few seasons ago. Add in the versatile Keitrick Brown and staffer Kameron Holland and this game set up to be a battle. Does YLie have the firepower to keep up? 
Pick: Team Eric by 8

HitMen Vs Free Smoke

Another key player making his return to PV, Tyler Gibbs made a splash with his draft earning the top preseason ranking from Vin. Snagging Sean Boston and Namdi Hope-Ezieghbo created a perfect match for the explosive floor general. On the flipside, Captain Adam Hamilton was able to reunite the HitMen core and still snag top level talent to piece the puzzle together. KJ Davis will bring a edge to this team with his play as well as second pick Skyler Laird whose familiarity and skills will mesh seamlessly. Manning Watts will be counted on as the main big and he is more than willing to oppose whoever is in front of him. Tough pick but I’ll be unbiased.
Pick: Free Smoke by 3

Free Smoke Vs. Always Reppin 

In our final slot of the night is Free Smoke’s doubleheader against a potentially deadly Always Reppin. After looking at the lineup Alan Mitchell assembled, I don’t know if he’s a better GM or player. He has a lights out scorer in Julio Beswick and snatched two Eastside talents in James Pupillo and Tristan Patrick. Toss in Issac Moore to eat on the glass and do all the dirty work and Big Al may have his best supporting cast yet. This game will be a great one to stay and watch if Free Smoke can find their second wind. 
Pick: Always Reppin by 2