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SCOTTSDALE: Fall Season Preview

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

It’s Fall season in Scottsdale and there’s plenty to look forward to.  While Palm Valley’s Kameron Holland has (rightfully) stolen some of the day’s thunder with his soon-to-be-legendary $25K shot at the Drake concert (Warren La Chance where’s the footage?), there’s plenty of hype to be found in the ‘Dale as well.  Let’s take a quick look.

Major Storylines

The Dynamic Duo Split Up - Warren and Cristian are on different teams against all preseason planning/dreaming, prompting dozens of trade proposals post-draft.  While we’ve iced all those proposals, this writer still sees big things from both Cristian and Warren (MVP run #2?) this go-around.

Zouk Gang Back in Action - The legend Michael Bizoukas is back, as will be his trademark swag and 20-assist games, along with, surely, plenty of dubs.  Shoutout Mikey, the man of both a million ideas and a million vibes.

Looney Tunes Backcourt Reunited - After a few seasons apart, Winter Neb and Brayden are back together, and Neb assures us they’ll quickly reclaim their spot atop the league.  Bold declaration for sure, but they are undefeated together so…

Danny Dziedzic, Second Rounder - Speaking of State Champions, Spring 2017 Champion and MVP Danny fell to the second round of the draft for, perhaps, the first time in Scottsdale history.  Given he now lives across the street from the club and is rounding back into elite form, Danny may prove the biggest steal of all in the Draft.

Key Questions

When will the King of Clutch (and the King of Shade) Emery Jeffers strike this season?

How soon will GM’s regret passing on extraordinary hustle man Willie Sells Jr?

When will we see GOAT Aaron Cohen’s next epic block or awe-inspiring photo?

Who you got winning MVP, Defensive POTY, Fall State Championship, etc?

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