Who Will Begin the Fall Season on the Right Foot?


ROSEVILLE: Week 1 Predictions

 By Devyn Harrell | Roseville Media Associate

7:30 p.m. - Wildcats (0-0) vs Hornets (0-0)

If ever there was a team of championship pedigree, it’s this Hornets squad. They have four players with at least one championship ring and three players with multiple. The opposition boasts what you may refer to as an extremely “green” roster. This team of newcomers will lean heavily upon their veteran point guard Eric Kagan to provide grit and leadership while looking to the walking bucket that is JD Smith to fill up the stat sheet. The Hornets experience leads them to an opening night victory over the Wildcats.

8:30 p.m. - Mustangs (0-0) vs Bulldogs (0-0)

Back-to-back champ Mike Cucicea leads a talented bunch into this matchup. The Mustangs should shape up to be one of the tougher defensive teams that this league has to offer and will need to display that defensive prowess in this game, as they face off against a more than capable scorer in Hunter Hammond. This contest should be one of the more gritty and physical games of the evening and will be a blast to watch. Mustangs ride their defense and get a big night from Ian Bey on their way to a win.

8:30 p.m. - Ducks (0-0) vs Dirty Birds (0-0) (Game of the Night)

What better way to start the season than to pit these two teams against each other on opening night. We should be in for a treat, seeing what many believe to be a championship preview in Week 1. Darius Wright makes his long awaited return and will have one heck of a squad in his corner. While all-time scoring leader Aaron Hendricks returns after a season off and his Dirty Birds are ready to spoil Wright’s homecoming. Dirty Birds knock off the Ducks in a down to the wire game for the ages.

9:30 p.m. - Wolves (0-0) vs Bears (0-0)

Herman Johnson and Dwayne Childs team up once again with sights set on a championship. They will be taking on the back-to-back champ and MVP Trevor McGhee and his new team the Bears. McGhee will most certainly be looking to kick start his quest for a third-straight MVP. With skilled big man Ron Jacobs down low and two of his teammates from his championship team from last season (Alex Rodriguez & Gavin McGuire) on the wings, McGhee has the pieces in place around him to be successful. A lot of shots will go up in this one as Trevor McGhee flashes his MVP chops and leads the Bears to their first win.