DeAndre Agee claims to have the best shoe game in UH

DeAndre Agee  (right) with teammate  Arthur Fraizer

DeAndre Agee (right) with teammate Arthur Fraizer

Q: What is your favorite Ultimate Hoops memory? 


A: My favorite UH Dream League memory was seeing my teammate Ross [Winnekins] posterize dunk someone (which came out of nowhere) an the look + reaction on everyones face in the gym was priceless.  It was in a win while we were on a streak as well so it was just icing on the cake.

Bryan Munsell drives against Ben Juhlke

Bryan Munsell drives against Ben Juhlke

Q: Who in your league is the hardest player to guard?

A: For me personally i'd have to give it to Bryan Munsell.  I remember sizing him up an just thinking "i'm taller than him, stronger, faster...i'm not letting him score". An after like the 10th point he scored on me I remember thinking no matter how much my hands were in his face....when he shoots it theres really nothing I can do, besides foul him before because it's going in.  Humbling moment. 

Q: Who in your league has the best shoe game?

A: I do, hands down.  No question about it.  Not cocky I just know how deep I used to be in the sneaker game.  I played in new stuff (Kobe 10s, All Star Game Lebron 10s) as well as classics (Jordan 11 Concords from 2011 & 1994 Barkleys).  This season I sometimes switched kicks at the half.  Luke Hanlon along with most noticed the Breast Cancer KDs (the pink pair).  I feel like those stood out the most.


Q: If you could only watch three television shows, what would they be?

Will Agee return to the Griffins?

Will Agee return to the Griffins?

A: Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Seinfeld

Q: Fill in the blank… Kevin Durant going to the Warriors is ________.

A: Irrelevant.  Lebron brought a title to Cleveland.  Let's just ride this wave until next year's finals.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do away from the basketball court?

A: 3 way tie between zone out on YouTube, travel & shop online. 

Q: Your best basketball friend is who?

A: My guy Jordan Helgeland.  He'll most likely be entering the [Dream League] draft this year.

Q: Your pre-game playlist must include which artist?

A: Tony Lanez

Q: Your favorite quote is what?

A: ....I can't think of just 1 of them but 99.9% of the things Kanye West says I agree with.

Q: Your city is the nation’s best basketball city because…..

A: This is where Alan Arlt resides.