STAT STARS: Surpassing milestones

Tyrone "TJ" Jones holding up his MVP T-Shirt. (photo by Donald Dangmuk)

Tyrone "TJ" Jones holding up his MVP T-Shirt. (photo by Donald Dangmuk)

This week in Ultimate Hoops Summer League we’re taking another look at milestones and the players who have surpassed them or are on the brink of passing one.

Tyrone Jones – Scottsdale, AZ

Tyrone has had a rather busy Ultimate Hoops career. Having had a part in 240 games, Jones is certainly considered to be a seasoned veteran in our leagues. It is not his time or his commitment that have him on this week’s Stats Standouts. Rather, it has been Jones’ willingness to share the ball around with his fellow teammates as he recently surpassed the 1,000 assists milestone with a current total of 1,005 assists.


Bernard Preston – Green Valley, NV

Bernard Preston, a fellow 5-footer, has passed quite a significant milestone in one’s Ultimate Hoops career. In the past few games, Preston took the leap and moved past the 1,000 point milestone as he currently holds 1,050 points on his young career at just 55 games. Also with only a $13,842,530 PPV, Preston holds a season average box score of 29.3-10-9.3…not too shabby, good sir!


Mike Avallone – Warrenville, IL

Next on the list is Mike Avallone as he too has kept busy in his local Ultimate Hoops league. Avallone has put in the hours and his hard work has paid off as his 27.3-12.3-2 season average box score reflects the impact he has on the game when he steps onto the court. It is this impact that has led to his longevity not only in the game, but also in this league. Avallone is just two games shy of hitting that 100 game milestone. You’re almost there, Mike! 


Tunde Ogunleye – Westchester, NY

Tunde Ogunleye, alongside fellow standout, Bernard Preston, has been dropping buckets ever since he joined Ultimate Hoops. I won’t deny that the fact he measures in at 6’6” is certainly an important factor, but when you surpass the 1,000 point mark (currently stands at 1,004 points), it’s much more than just showing up. Ogunleye has proven to be a respectable player with a $17,290,983 PPV and having met this milestone in just 37 games…wow! Now, I think it’s important to note the height difference as I’d enjoy watching Ogunleye and Preston go head-to-head in both height and game. Regardless, congrats on the milestone, Tunde!

Congratulations to all our players throughout the Ultimate Hoops nation as they continue to reach their career milestones!