Our Top 5 Ultimate Hoops Team Names

Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving as Pepsi's Uncle Drew

Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving as Pepsi's Uncle Drew

The most underrated task in building a powerhouse Ultimate Hoops League franchise is the team name. I mean, who wants to buy team merchandise of "Andy's Team?" Or recycling another NBA team name. (Warriors, Cavaliers....yawn...).

With hundreds of Ultimate Hoops teams competing across the nation, it was challenging to narrow my favorites to a Top 5 list. But here we go...


5.  Kenny and The Jets – Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, PA

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet? Ka-Ka-Ka-Kenny and The Jets are kicking off this list at #5 - Named after a fellow teammate, (and a classic Elton John song) these boys are ready to make a run in the playoffs and we wish them nothing but the best!


4. Uncle Drew’s Kids – Bloomington, MN

Don’t reach young blood because Uncle Drew’s Kids are coming in at #4 and with that Finals performance your uncle pulled off, well kids, looks like Christmas will come a little early this year. Here’s to these kiddos getting buckets!


3. Purple Reign – Vernon Hills, Chicago, IL

Call me bias, but this Minnesota boy sure appreciates this salute to the late Prince. The Reign are sporting a 6-5 record, but they’re not gonna let de-elevator get them down, oh no, these guys know they don’t have to be beautiful, rich, or cool to make this list.


2.  0 and 76ers – Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, PA

Initially, it was a toss-up between these guys and the team at #1; the originality, the creativity, the accuracy. How could I decide between the two? It turned out that these boys currently hold a 1-7 record and with a good conscience, I could not hand them the title when the team above them has held true to their “values” all season long. Don’t worry, fellas, I won’t tell your mothers on you about this little fib.


1.  Can’t Score Won’t Score – Garden City, NY

With a name like this, you’d assume it’s a façade and they’re leading their league, on the contrary. With a 0-9 record these guys not only accept their name, they live it out each and every time they step out on the court. Not only is this team original, they’re authentic and it’s with that that these guys get the nod at #1 in team names in all of Ultimate Hoops leagues. Congrats, guys; keep up the “good” work!


Honorable Mentions:

-        Bruce Banner’s Bodyguards – Garden City, NY

-        Wise Guys – Montvale, NJ

-        Backyard All-Stars – Dallas Athletic, TX

-        Post Traumatic – Vernon Hills, IL

-        Bucketeers – Laguna Nigel, CA

-        Honey Badgers – Warrenville, Chicago, IL