Welcoming Playworks for a day of demonstration

Playworks demonstrating the power of play to our corporate team

Playworks demonstrating the power of play to our corporate team

Often times we identify success with numbers on the stat line or the amount of wins on the season, but we forget how we succeed is how we develop as people. Playworks and Ultimate Hoops have partnered to combine their mission statements and allow a wider range of people to be reached for the opportunity to be better athletes and learn valuable life lessons.

"Playworks believes in the power of play to bring out the best in every person," said Executive Director Shauna McDonald, "people are highly motivated by play, so we believe with a shared language, understanding, and knowledge around play that it can lead to very powerful experiences for people that facilitate inclusion, that build on key skills that are valuable for life." 

McDonald says the elementary years are key in helping kids to acquire the skills they need to not only drive a positive school climate but skills which translate into the community and into their lives."

Playworks was established twenty years ago in California and just did a national expansion in 2010 to focus primarily on kids at elementary school playgrounds. They started by focusing on leveraging the power of safe, fun, and healthy play at school every day. The Playworks objective was to create a place for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills. Recently, they also started to focus on out-of-school locations where kids spend their time as well.

Enter Ultimate Hoops.

“Playworks shares the belief in our Never Retire mission," says UH founder Alan Arlt.  "We are continually looking for partners who share our core values and can assist us in our mission."

One of UH's core values is to deliver a 'Professional Playground', a playground which is fun, energetic, safe and inclusive for everyone. Arlt believes it’s part of the elixir to keeping kids playing the game in youth basketball culture obsessed with winning over personal development.

John Thomas, National Manager of Ultimate Hoops Training, shares the benefits of the partnership.

"Within the world of athletics, too often we only applaud and celebrate the result," says Thomas. "While we collectively strive to achieve the desired outcome, our focus within Ultimate Hoops Training is to truly embrace and celebrate the process of creating the complete player through holistic programming. In getting to understand Playworks' core competencies, we've seen first hand how they share our process driven philosophy by delivering fun, engaging and unique offerings."

Gabby Zehrer @gabbyzehrer is a junior at St. Thomas University studying Business Marketing. She plays on the St. Thomas basketball team and is pursuing a career in marketing and sports management.

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