What Would Ben Croatt Think Of Our Halloween Playlist?

Big Ben Croatt from Halloween 2007

Big Ben Croatt from Halloween 2007

In the early days of the Ultimate Hoops League, players like Ben Croatt (pictured below in his famous Care Bears costume) embraced playing on Halloween. On October 31st, 2007, his Bulls teammates arrived in full costume and continued to wear them through their warm-up layup line.

Unfortuntely, their costumes did not carry magic powers that night as they fell to the Timberpuppies 53-37.  Despite losing, the Bulls left one of the most indelible memories  in UH league history by sporting their costumes on Halloween night.

That core Bulls team of Big Ben, Rudy Hernandez, Aaron Lais, Scott Brown, Mike Shields, John Erickson, Jon Lien and Tyler Johnson will always remind me of Halloween.

To them, this playlist is dedicated to.