national clinic FAQ

What are National Clinics?

  • National Clinics are pre-selected monthly dates each club is required to host two 90-minute clinics.  One for 6-8 year olds another for 9-12 year olds.

Do I need to fill out the form through the clinic submission link for a National Clinic?

  • Yes! Every month!

What is the cost of the National Clinic?

  • $39

Do Members get a discount?

  • Yes, Members receive $5 off with the code LTMEMBER.

How do participants register for National Clinics?

  • Participants can only register online through,

Can non-members attend clinics?

  • Yes, non-members can register for our National Clinics. Please, make sure the Front Desk is aware of your clinic and has your roster along with any non-members highlighted to allow them access to the club for your clinic.

    • Note: General Managers can override the decision on letting non-members attend.

Someone is trying to register for my clinic but it says Sold Out?

  • Wahoo! Congrats you hit our maximum number of registrations, we only allow 10 participants per clinic. Please let us know if you are planning on having someone assist you or if you would like to add an additional clinic.

What if my club’s gym is not available at the time that is set for a National Clinic?

  • Start times are flexible based on gym availability.  To adjust the start time for your location please select that option on the form.

Do I have to choose the ages you select for me? What if I want to do a clinic for older kids or additional clinics?

  • Yes we asked that you use the age groups we have selected for the national clinic.  That age group makes up the largest segment of our junior member base and delivers the highest registration success rate between the ages of six and twelve

  • Each Trainer’s focus should be promoting and filling the monthly National Clinic dates.  Only then can an ancillary camp or clinic be implemented with any age group on any weekend date.  Information for ancillary clinics/camps should be submitted through If there are conflicts with pre-selected national dates, please contact John Small or Diana Smigielski.  

How do I get paid for clinics?

  • The pay structure for National clinic remains unchanged.  All revenue comes directly Ultimate Hoops Corporate office and moves to the respective club’s P&L at month end.  Commission is paid out in the next pay period after the camp has been completed, you do not need to track any sessions, it will automatically be added to your next paycheck.

Do I clock in for clinics?

  • The clock in process for clinics and camps remains unchanged.  Clock in before your shift and out after the clinic has been completed.  If you are hosting two clinics and there is a thirty-minute window between sessions, you do not have to punch out.

When will I receive my flyers for the National Clinic?

  • 30 days before the clinic - if you fill out the link in a timely manner.

How should I market my clinic?

  • Where appropriate, posting flyers in the club

  • Speaking to your current client base about the monthly offering

  • Seeking permission to hand out flyers to Kid Academy/Swim participants

  • Updating the sales team on your upcoming clinic

  • Posting on Social Media

  • Each week we will send you new strategies on how to market.

If I do an additional clinic will I get marketing support?

  • Yes! Our main focus will be on driving National Clinics but we will give support to additional as well.

What if someone wants to register the day of the clinic in club?

  • Registrations can be taken up to the start of each clinic or camp using the registration link we’ll provide each month, club computer with internet access or a smartphone/tablet can be used to register participants.

Can I cancel a clinic if only one kid signs up?

  • No.  We do not want to cancel any clinic that has registrations.  The day prior too, we’ll reach out to the member, let them know they’ll be the only participant for the session.  We’ll also offer them the opportunity to bring others as well. 

Who do I contact for clinic support?

  • John Small – 612-486-3683,

When will I receive a roster for a clinic?

  • We will send out two roster updates prior to the National Clinic dates.  The final update will be early evening day before the National Clinic date.

How many kids can I have register for my clinic?

  • 10 participants for every one instructor.