LEAGUE UP: Single Game Experience


League Up is ideal for schedules which don't allow for a season-long league commitment. League Up is also a great option for corporate/group events or private team scrimmages.

For an individual fee, enjoy a 5-on-5 basketball game with officials, scoreboard, jerseys and full online stats. (Just like a regular Ultimate Hoops league game!) Our expert coordinators will create the rosters to ensure teams are balanced while also meeting requests of players who want to play on the same team.

Look for more Life Time locations to be added soon! Have questions? Contact us.

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LEAGUE UP locations


LIFE TIME- Target Center | 600 N 1st Av, Minneapolis, MN 55403



LIFE TIME at SKY  | 605 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036



Do I have to be a Life Time Fitness member to play League Up?

Non-members are allowed to play the duration of their Life Time 7-day guest pass. Once your guest pass has expired, you are required have an Oynx or Diamond Life Time membership.

Do I have to be good to play in League Up?

No. Our coordinator reviews all player details and preferences to ensure all skills and abilities are equally balanced on each team.

What are the rules?

Games length is the same as leagues games in your region.  All games are officiated with two certified officials. Read our official game rules.   

How many players are on each team? 

Minimum of 6, max of 7 players on each team. Teams are asked, in partnership with out on-site coordinator, to make sure substitutions are fair and balanced.

Do we call our own fouls?

No. We will have certified officials for each game.

Do players need to keep track of the score?

No. We will have a scorers table featuring a scoreboard operator and statistician. All you need to do is worry about brining your "A game."

I can't stand all the ball hogs and poor sportsmanship. Will this be managed?

Yes. After each game, players are asked to provide feedback on their experience and the sportsmanship of other players. If a player continues to receive a poor rating from other players and our coordinator, they will be banned from League Up. 

Where can I view my stats? 

All players will have a profile on our league website to view their stats. Full box scores will be provided online at leagues.uhlife.com

What should I wear? 

Wear normal basketball attire for pickup basketball. A Ultimate Hoops jersey will be provided for you to wear and return after each game. Since we like to look good, black shorts are preferred to match out jerseys. 

Are there lockers? 

Yes.  All Life Time members and guest have access to lockers, showers, towels and other amenities.