Payment Authorization

This form confirms your eligibility for the 2019 Dream League Draft to take place on Friday, February 15th at 7:00pm.  If on roster [either through draft or free agency*] your Life Time club tab account will be deducted $15 every Friday afternoon beginning March 1st, 2019. If not on roster, your Life Time club tab account will not be charged. Numerous reserve/exempt lists exist to protect you, the General Managers and the league.

NOTE: Change from 2018 season: There will be no bye weeks this season so you won’t be charged!

Injured Reserve: A player can be placed on this list with the approval of both the player and the GM.  This will end the player’s season and the player will no longer be charged for the Dream League.

Reserve – DNP: If a player does not show up for two straight games, the General Manager may elect to place that player on the Reserve – DNP list.  This will open up a roster spot for the team but the player will continue to be charged until they make themselves available for a game.  Once the player returns, the GM, must reinstate them to the roster immediately.

Reserve – Suspended: A GM can place a player on the reserve suspended list if they have been suspended by the league.  The player’s account will continue to be charged while on this list. 

If a player is released and not resigned, they are no longer charged for the Dream League.

*Free Agents [who have cleared waivers] are not required to sign with any team.

Assumption of Risk and Waiver

I understand and agree that there are risks of significant injury to me, whether caused by me or someone else, in my use of or presence on Life Time’s premises.  I understand and agree that these risks of injury include, but are not limited to, slips, trips, falls, collisions, thefts, equipment failure, or other such accidents or incidents that may result in injury, harm or damage, including but not limited to economic, property, emotional, mental, physical or any other type of damage, including but not limited to sprains, torn muscles or ligaments, broken bones, strokes, heart stress, heart attacks, paralysis, disfigurement, death, or other forms of pain or suffering.  I fully understand, voluntarily accept, and specifically assume these risks of injury.

I agree to release and discharge from all liability, and waive all claims, demands and actions against, Life Time Fitness, Inc. and its owners, operators, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, vendors and volunteers (collectively, “Life Time”) for any and all injuries, harms, or damages sustained by me in connection with my use or presence on the premises, or my use of facilities, equipment, services, programs or activities within or outside its centers, resulting or arising from the negligent acts or omissions of Life Time, or the negligent acts or omissions of me, other members, guests, visitors or other persons on the premises.  I agree to defend indemnify and hold Life Time harmless against any and all claims brought by anyone against Life Time related to such injuries, harms or damages. 

Consent to Disclose Personal Information and to Receive Emails from Life Time

I understand that information I provide in the registration process will be shown to all league participants, including my name, team name, height, weight, and experience level.  I further understand that if I participate in the social networking platform available at and that all information that I post or upload will be visible to the public.

Release of Image and Likeness

I hereby irrevocably consent to and grant Life Time the exclusive and unlimited right to use and reproduce any and all photographs, audio recordings, video recordings or testimonial accounts taken by Life Time that contain my person, name, image, image, voice, likeness or account, for any lawful purpose whatsoever and using any means available including but not limited to any Life Time corporate or marketing communication or material.  I waive the right to inspect, approve or edit any such use or reproduction, and Life Time may make any and all changes, modifications, rearrangements, additions or deletions in its use or reproductions without any approval.



Please check I AGREE to the terms of the waiver form outlined above. *
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