Brandon Walker eclipses 9,000 career points

Brandon Walker bounce pass.jpg

Brandon Walker scored 14 points in the Gilbert Vet League last night, putting his career total to 9,013. He is the 11th player in UH history to surpass 9,000 points, and the first person in UH Arizona history to reach this milestone.

It took Walker 511 games to reach 9,000 points, averaging 17.6 points per game throughout his career. Walker is a sharpshooter who has scored a majority of his points from 3-point range. Walker has made 3,302 field goals, with 1,684 of those makes (51%) coming from deep. That’s 5,052 points from 3-point shots. He rounds that out with 3,236 points from inside the arc, and 725 from the free-throw line.

Walker has been getting buckets in UH since July 29, 2010, where he scored seven points in an 81-59 loss. Walker had a tough first season in UH, as he went 0-6 in the six games he played. He’s had a lot more success since then, and last night was a good example. His 14 points last night came in a 76-68 win, sending Wheelchair Mafia to the championship game in the Gilbert Vet League.

This is another impressive feat for the Arizona legend, and one more reason why he should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer. This bolsters his resume even more, hopefully giving the voters enough reason to induct him in 2020.

Just behind Walker is fellow Arizona legend Fred Dudley, who’s the 12th-highest scorer in UH history with 8,771 points. There’s a good chance that he will be the next player to surpass 9,000 points. Based on his career average of 26 points per game, he’s on pace to surpass 9,00 points in 8.8 games. If Dudley plays consistently for a season or two, it won’t be long before he passes Walker.