Yemi Ajao is the best GM in UH Boston history


Yemi Ajao’s MetroWest draft team, Buckets Galore, entered Tuesday’s MetroWest Draft League championship on an 20-game win streak. They were on the verge of an unprecedented feat: back-to-back undefeated seasons.

Buckets Galore went 12-0 in the Spring 2019 season, not only going undefeated in MetroWest, but winning the combined Boston state championship between MetroWest, Westwood and Burlington.

Ajao came back with a newly drafted roster this summer, leading Buckets Galore to a 7-0 record in the regular season, beating their opponents by an average of 15.7 points. They finished the job on Tuesday night, defeating the Rebels 72-71 to give him back-to-back championships and his third title in his UH career.

Ajao has been a great player over this 21-game win streak, averaging 20.3/7.6/3.4, shooting 53% from the field and 40% from deep. While his play is very impressive, it’s been his skill as a GM that has led him to 21 straight wins and two titles.

In the spring, his first-round pick was Shane Coleman, who was third in the league in scoring, putting up 24.8 a game, shooting 56% from the field and 44% from deep. This season, he took Tommy Hubbard second overall, who was third in the league in scoring, putting up 28 a game, shooting 52% from the field and 40% from deep.

If you want to have a successful draft season, you have to hit on your first-round pick, which Ajao did in the past two seasons. But he’s also filled out both of those rosters with Tyler Little and Hector Heredia as starters, who have combined to average 14/3.9/2.1 in the two seasons they’ve played for Buckets Galore.

The Buckets Galore franchise started in the Summer of 2017. After being a .500 team for the first three seasons, they have turned into a complete powerhouse since the 2018 Spring season, going 53-9 and winning three titles in that span. That resume is impressive in any UH league, but to come in a draft league with as much talent as MetroWest has is borderline unthinkable.

Ajao has turned Buckets Galore into the Golden State Warriors, making him the Bob Meyers of UH Boston. No one has had as much success as Ajao when it comes to putting together winning teams in the past six seasons, and I won’t be surprised to see Taylor Pettiford rank his team No. 1 in the preseason power rankings ahead of the Fall 2019 season next month.