Is High School Musical a sports movie? It is according to Adam Butler.

Adam Butler

Adam Butler

Adam Butler has been involved in UH Arizona for three years, playing in many draft leagues and working as a media associate across multiple clubs. He has hot takes in his articles and in the weekly podcast he does with Dakota Browning-Dudley about UH Arizona. Here’s your chance to learn more about Butler (and hear some additional hot takes).

What is the first pair of basketball shoes you ever bought? 

Butler: A bright blue pair of Kobe 5s. Still one of my favorite shoes of all time. 

What was the first concert you ever went to? 

Butler: I spent way too much money on a homecoming proposal at an Imagine Dragons concert. 

Who is the most overrated player in Ultimate Hoops? 

Butler: Steve Bertrand.

What is your favorite sports movie? 

Butler: Definitely High School Musical. Big Zac Efron fan. 

What five players (active or retired) would you pick to play against the Monstars?

Butler: NBA - LeBron, LeBron, LeBron, LeBron and Steve Nash

UH - Dakota Dudley, Mario Tavizon, DJ Hurd, Warren La Chance, Me :). We’re going small ball. 

What TV show have you binged most recently? 

Butler: If I'm working on stuff or homework I'm always watching Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine or New Girl.

What is your favorite signature basketball move? 

Butler: My best signature move is standing up really fast, giving everyone high fives, and sitting back on the bench. 

If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be? 

Butler: Selena Gomez. Or Zendaya. Or Zac Efron??? jkjk lol

What is your best basketball memory? 

Butler: Winning a championship with my Hitmen boys

If there was a movie based on your life, who would play you in the movie? 

Butler: The main kid from Stranger things. The super white one. Finn Wolfhard. Or Zac Efron